XCapit Investment Wallet Will Now Support RSK Infrastructure Framework’s RIF Tokens
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Built on top of the RSK blockchain, XCapit has added the RIF token to its investment portfolio, enabling token holders to earn additional yield.

Development To Enhance Bitcoin's Decentralized Finance Ecosystem

XCapit, a blockchain and AI-driven cryptocurrency investment platform, has integrated RIF tokens into its application to offer users more functionality. With RIF tokens added to the platform’s investment portfolio, both RIF holders and retail users can now benefit from a new investment wallet that automatically generates yields.

Built on top of the RSK network, the first smart contract platform secured by the Bitcoin network, XCapit is an emerging investment service provider catering to the varied needs of crypto-asset holders. The platform assists users in generating automated investment strategies with RIF by connecting their Binance accounts with Xcapit. In addition, users can convert supported fiat currencies into RIF tokens and vice versa via the Kripton API, enabling users to stay connected to the real economy.

Since its launch, XCapit has successfully positioned itself as a platform with the potential to help build a more accessible crypto economy. The platform has entered into functional partnerships with some of the most prominent industry leaders, such as Binance, to help accelerate the growth of DeFi on the Bitcoin network.

The addition of RIF tokens is a significant step for Bitcoin’s expanding DeFi ecosystem. By design, RSK combines the best features of both the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains, offering unmatched security and stability. Since XCapit is built on top of the RSK network, users can leverage these features to grow their portfolios. Furthermore, the platform's non-custodial investment offering means RIF holders will be able to earn as much as native Bitcoin investors.

Although Ethereum commands the lion’s share of the DeFi landscape, the base attributes of the Bitcoin network grant the potential to cater to the thousands of dApps seeking alternatives to Ethereum’s hurdles. RSK’s fully interoperable infrastructure uses the exact hashing mechanism as Bitcoin, making it the most secure smart contract network in existence.

Moreover, the RSK network also offers similar functionalities to Ethereum, natively supporting Solidity Smart Contracts and APIs, making it highly convenient for developers to port their dApps into the secure, stable, and scalable RSK network.

In the meantime, RSK is experiencing accelerating growth in its total value locked (TVL), highlighting the rising demand for DeFi built on top of Bitcoin’s network. It offers a suite of protocols, features, and the infrastructure needed to accelerate the adoption of DeFi for Bitcoin by ensuring security, stability, interoperability, and affordable transaction fees.

As Bitcoin continues to make inroads incorporating itself within the mainstream financial ecosystem, integrating RIF tokens into XCapita will help retail users and investors tap new yield generation streams. It will also allow developers to leverage the extensive features of the RSK infrastructure, which in turn will help promote broader adoption of the Bitcoin DeFi ecosystem.

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