Cudos Calls for Participants in Incentivized Testnet
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Decentralized computing network Cudos has issued a call for participants in its first incentivized testnet. Dubbed "Project Artemis," the testnet comes after a successful private testnet called Cognitum. Now, developers and Web3 natives can earn free CUDOS tokens after each testnet phase as a reward for helping the network get up and running.

Serial tech entrepreneur Matt Hawkins founded Cudos in 2017. It was initially a platform allowing users to contribute computational power to generate revenue for charities. Over the years, Hawkins has expanded his ambition for Cudos into a decentralized computing blockchain. It comprises a layer one network based on the Cosmos SDK and a second layer that works with Ethereum and other blockchains, offering developers the opportunity to tap into decentralized computing resources to run their apps.

Even in the decentralized blockchain space, it’s rare for developers to use platforms like Ethereum for the actual running of their apps. Most rely on providers such as AWS, which are exponentially cheaper. However, it does mean that most supposedly decentralized applications are heavily dependent on centralized computing servers, meaning they’re not entirely as secure and censorship-resistant as it may seem.

Cudos offers app developers the opportunity to tap into its distributed computing network. Effectively, anyone can contribute their idle resources to Cudos, creating a kind of liquidity pool for computing.

The project has been testing this functionality in its private testnet mode and is now ready to onboard developers and other participants to a semi-public testnet. The platform will support compute-heavy dApps, including NFTs and associated services, online games, and video rendering services.

Launching "Project Artemis" Incentivized Testnet

Airdrops can be a fun and interesting way to earn some tokens while helping to support an up-and-coming project. Although the financial value of the rewards hasn’t yet been revealed, Cudos has committed to paying out CUDOS tokens at three stages, following the successful conclusion of each phase of the testnet.

The project has adopted a lunar theme for the launch, naming the testnet Project Artemis in honor of NASA’s next mission to the moon in collaboration with SpaceX. The name is designed to evoke Cudos’ own mission "to the moon." Accordingly, each of the three phases also has a lunar-themed moniker – the first is called Apollo, the second; Buzz, and the final phase will be dubbed Armstrong.

Interested parties can sign up using the Cudo-naughts registration form, and Cudos also has a few prerequisites in place for those wanting to participate. You’ll need to have a Cosmos KEPLR Wallet, follow @CUDOS_ on Twitter, and send out a tweet using the hashtags #ProjectArtemis and #Cudos. You’ll also need to join the Cudos Private Testnet Discord Channel. The project will release more information about the Project Artemis testnet in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on its social media channels for future updates.

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