MintySwap Combines Crypto Trends to Create an All-in-One Service
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The crypto industry has seen a rise of very diverse trends over the years, ever since ICOs took over in 2017. While many trends have been on trial since then, a lot of them ended up being popular for a while, only to then fade away and be replaced by something else. However, over the past year and a half, a number of trends started emerging without losing popularity — at least so far.

Things like the DeFi sector, NFTs, and interoperability have been major topics for months now, and so a group of developers decided to combine all of these trends and create the ultimate all-in-one service for token minting and swapping on a multi-chain DEX.

What You Need to Know About MintySwap

Let’s start from the beginning. MintySwap is a brand-new, licensed cross-chain aggregation protocol that aims to assemble a community of creators, collectors, supporters, traders, and others who enjoy the innovative economy of the crypto sector.

The project is aiming to provide consumers with access to crypto-based financial services and allow them to exchange, or ‘swap,’ a variety of digital assets. To achieve this, it has created a cross-chain DEX that exists simultaneously on Ethereum network and Binance Smart Chain, allowing users to conduct cross-chain swaps, as well as exchange settlements beyond the limitations of isolated blockchains.

MintySwap Combines Crypto Trends to Create an All-in-One Service

Due to the popularity of NFTs, as well as their potential to revolutionize the way artists are exposing their creations, as well as the way collectors are obtaining them — the project has a strong focus on the NFT sector. It was specially made for Mintys Makers — creators who wish to start sharing their work and growing their fanbase, as well as for Mintys Collectors — those who enjoy gathering collectibles.

Of course, the project is also very welcoming towards developers who wish to come and experiment with an open, free API. And, lastly, there is the matter of the community, which is the driving force of every decentralized system.

Still, that is not all that the project is planning to achieve. It is ambitious enough to create its own native deflationary token, which it plans to introduce very soon, according to the information on its website.

What does MintySwap Hope to Achieve?

MintySwap is a very transparent project that has been quite straightforward with its mission. With DeFi innovation bringing a number of new practical applications to the blockchain industry, it has done wonders to promote the development of open finance, especially when it comes to DEXes, which are one of the most popular products of DeFi.

Ethereum DEXes, in particular, saw a huge amount of popularity over the past year and a half. But, with that said, network congestion and scalability issues have led to an increase in transaction fees, which is currently considered to be one of Ethereum’s greatest problems. This is not something that can wait, as the issue has already caused many to leave this revolutionary chain for other, more scalable solutions.

However, there are still barriers between blockchains that continue to limit the usage of assets, and MintySwap aims to try and remove such barriers in a new and unique way. It also aims to empower its users by comparing different exchanges on the leading chains, and presenting the most cost-effective rates to its own users. In the end, its goal is to try and boost interoperability by using an advanced cross-chain protocol to connect different networks, and allow assets to freely flow from one network to another.

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