Bogged Finance, Bingus, and Gabe Launch Olympus Token
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It is not every day you get to hear that the gods own a crypto token in the world of human beings. The booming DeFi and NFT market has given rise to many new projects being launched in both industries. The developers of Bogged.Finance, Bingus, and Gabe teamed up to create the Olympus token, an asset of otherworldly proportions.

The Bogged.Finance platform is designed to let users research and execute orders for tokens on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It has a Limit Order system that leverages the liquidity of PancakeSwap. With Bogged.Finance, people can see the charts of any token on PancakeSwap for free. On the other hand, Bingus is a token built on the Binance Smart Chain to raise funds to support and promote animal welfare. Kastkym Gabe is a crypto meme token created to immortalize Gabe, the late dog that captured the hearts of many on the internet.

As different as these three projects may be on paper, exciting things can happen when forces are combined.

The Olympus Token

Olympus token is the first crypto token on the market to have a BUSD-Reflect and whale buyback system. The BUSD-reflection feature means that holders don't have to worry about the market dip when they are rewarded every hour with BUSD. It also has a unique pegged auto-liquidity generating process with anti-snipe and anti-bot features. The token was launched using a fair whitelist presale on July 1, 2021. Today, people can buy Olympus on Bogged Swap, PancakeSwap, and other decentralized exchanges.

According to the tales from Pantheon as seen on the official Olympus token site, "As the legend goes, BogTools, Gabe, and Bingus tother searched far and wide for the Myth of the Buyback token. To their dismay, they found only pretenders. Thu Jonathan Big, the founder of the mighty Bogged Corporation, took it upon himself to rip open the doors of Olympus and share the power of the gods. Along with the marketing prowess of the Gabe team and the integrity of the Bingus team, Olympus is ready for its trip to visit Selene (Goddess of the Moon)."

How the BUSD-Reflections Work

If you are looking to enjoy the BUSD-reflection, BUSD is automatically awarded to all Olympus token holders. The reward will be based on the supply-based percentage your holdings represent; the more you hold, the better the reward you get. BUSD coin is distributed once it has accrued enough to be shared. Additionally, the BUSD is only generated based on volume, and high volume means a higher reward. People can trigger BUSD airdrop by buying or selling Olympus, however, users will have to enable BEP-20 BUSD within their wallets in order to see the drops.

How to Buy Olympus TokenBogged Swap

  • First, download and set up your MetaMask or TrustWallet.
  • Buy BNB tokens and send them to your wallet.
  • Go to the "Buy now" and click on the "Connect wallet" icon.
  • Input the number of BNB tokens you would like to swap for the Olympus token.
  • Ensure to change the slippage to be between 14% and 16%.
  • Click on the "swap" button and confirm the pop-up notification.
  • Now you have become one of the gods owning Olympus.


  • Download the MetaMask or TrustWallet.
  • Buy BNB tokens and transfer them to your wallet.
  • Go to this link and click on the "connect wallet" icon.
  • Put the number of Binance tokens you would like to swap for Olympus tokens.
  • Ensure the slippage is between 14% and 16%.
  • Go on to click the swap icon and then confirm the pop-up notification
  • Welcome to the league of the gods who own Olympus.


The token has a market capitalization of $11.6 million and a liquidity of $3.5 million at the time of this writing. CryptoMoonShots, a subreddit where people discuss cryptos that have moonshot potential, recently wrote that Olympus token is rocketing into the heavens. However, it is common knowledge that most new projects often engage in "pump and dump" schemes. Therefore, always be careful and do your due diligence before investing in this token.

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