Upgrade Your DeFi Earnings With Deswap Money Markets Ecosystem
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While DeFi Lending systems have changed the world's financial services, some limitations still discourage customers from trying it.

The current lending systems are built on slow chains like Ethereum and BSC. Miners typically rush to process the transaction with the largest charges first, so you are sent behind if you don't invest substantially. In other words, you get the luxury of having a financial lifestyle free of third parties, but that comes together with high fees and a slow transaction process.

Luckily, this is going to change - thanks to the new Deswap blockchain protocol.

About Deswap

Deswap, an innovative team united at the beginning of 2021, has started developing a DeFi ecosystem that can change the way people see the DeFi lending industry.

Deswap is a tool that aids in connecting the conventional lending sector with decentralized protocols running on top of blockchains. Anyone may now access a fast and cheap blockchain for providing collateral, receiving interest, using that collateral to get loans and creating stablecoins at the press of a button.

This new decentralized platform powered by the DAW Deswap protocol utilizes a polygon network to create the world's first decentralized stablecoin, which is backed by a basket of stablecoins and other crypto assets without any centralized authority. They want to alter the process where borrowers and lenders may trade assets while reducing the risk of the money in these transactions being stolen through increased gas fees.

The platform works with two types of cryptocurrencies - a stablecoin and a governance token:

  • The YAI synthetic stablecoin is pegged to the price of $1 and it provides users with the possibility to mint it with yTokens existent as collaterals. You can exchange or stake them - your choice. Regardless, they are a great method to get passive income.
  • The DAW governance token is the cryptocurrency that allows you to vote for YAI proposals or even get APY as a reward for providing liquidity.

Why Should You Choose Deswap?

Simple - take advantage of the Polygon network. This comes together with:

  • Instant liquidities;
  • Low costs;
  • Scalability
  • Higher security.

And the cherry on top - the transaction speed goes up to 80k transactions per second. This is a huge step in putting blockchain technology up for mass adoption.

Do you want to be part of the change? Then invest in the Deswap DeFi project and take us closer to an easier financial lifestyle.

The future is in your hands. So buckle up and go for innovations! Get your crypto ready to participate in Deswap’s private presale on July 9, 2021 which will be held on Cafeswap Launchpad!

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