TronPad Brings True Fairness and Decentralization to IDOs
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Existing IDO launchpads often suffer from the lack of fairness and equitability in providing access to a diversified set of interested investor groups. Acquiring sufficient numbers of tokens before one could participate in the new project’s ecosystem is something that proves to be a barrier to entry for many. Tronpad aims at repairing this flaw by providing a tiered participation system consisting of whitelist distributions, distribution tiers, and guaranteed allocation tiers. It also has an additional layer of allocation based on the first come first serve principle.

Before we attempt to understand the Tronpad workflow in further detail, let us introduce its internal ecosystem.

The Coming Together of Tron and BSCPad

Tron Network is one of the world’s fastest-growing public chains with global reach and efficiency. BSCPad, on the other hand, is the largest IDO platform, based on the highly efficient Binance Smart Chain network. These two entities, highly revered in their areas of operation, have come together to give birth to an entity called Tronpad. Apart from having Tron as its strategic partner, Tronpad also gets the guidance of BSCPad’s cutting-edge technology, Bluezilla’s investment and incubation support, and Silk Legal’s legal advisory.

Tronpad is the native token of the platform, serving both the purposes of utility and staking. $Tronpad has a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens.

Any project owner can submit a TronPad IDO request by filling up a simple Google form on the official website of the launchpad. But, before applying for TronPad’s IDO services, it is crucial to know the benefits and advantages it has to offer.

Tronpad USPs: Fairness, Equitability and Decentralization

Tronpad helps projects distribute tokens and raise liquidity from a wide variety of investors. It frees an IDO from the clutches of the top 1% who can manipulate the distribution with automated bots filling up whitelist spots before other interested investors get to access them.

To make the process decentralized and fair, TronPad has introduced a two-tiered system. The first tier consists of three sub-tiers, while the second tier is essentially a first come first serve allocation of unsold tokens from the first round.

At first, TronPad splits up its entire IDO offering into three types of allocations. The first 5% is for public whitelist distributions that do not require any staking of Tronpad tokens. It is open to anyone who completes tasks. The second 25% is where staking tokens play a part. There are two distribution tiers for this 25%, known as the Earth and Moon tiers. The staking requirement for the Earth tier is 15,000 Tronpad tokens, equivalent to one distribution ticket, whereas the Moon tier requires 50,000 tokens to be staked in exchange for four distribution tickets. Once the distribution tiers over, the process moves into the guaranteed allocation tier requiring 200,000 tokens for staking, ensuring one guaranteed allocation. The staking length requirement is fixed at three hours for all three tiers.

The winners of the two distribution rounds and the users involved in the guaranteed allocation round need to purchase their allocations within their allotted time. Failure to purchase within the fixed time would result in forfeiture. Forfeited tokens will automatically move to tier-2 where unsold tokens would be up for grabs on a first come first serve basis. This tier does not prioritize participants in any form or manner. It opens for all members at the same time and remains open until all the tokens are sold. Once all the leftover tokens are sold, the entire IDO is considered to have reached its conclusion.

Since the process is well laid out and predictable, it ends up allowing everyone a fair chance to participate in an IDO in the best possible way they could.

The first IDO launch on TronPad is scheduled for June 17. Before this launch, Tronpad will be completing its launch on Justswap, finalizing the Tron BSC bridge, and introducing the staking feature of its tokens. Tronpad is an evolving platform and one could reasonably expect more optimized facilities in the days to come as community feedback and the potential DAO proposal starts pouring in.

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