Advanced Network Securities (ANS) Cryptocurrency: Analytical Review
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The enormous amount of energy spent mining most cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, etc., is posing a great threat to the environment. Crypto coins like Advanced Network Securities (ANS) are created to serve as a better alternative to the power-intensive coins. Recently, Elon Musk came out to say that Bitcoin and most cryptos are not suitable for the environment.

In the wake of this knowledge, crypto enthusiasts are seeking better alternatives. This article shall analyze how ANS is better for the environment and why it might be a better "green" alternative coin for crypto investors.

What is Advanced Network Securities Coin (ANS)?

ANS cryptocurrency is an environmental-friendly coin designed to sustain a greener and healthier planet. The project supports companies whose goals are to make the world healthier through changes that improve global well-being. Advanced Network Securities coin has a global goal to bring solutions to global environmental problems.

The project promotes greener environmental values and invests in sectors that will help to achieve that goal. Some of these sectors include manufacturing, green technology, health and nutrition, research and development, etc.

The ANS crypto project believes that by supporting projects neglected by traditional banks and financial institutions, they can foster ground-breaking enterprises. They seek to encourage a new breed of entrepreneurs to bring innovative ideas and products to solve environmental issues.

ANS Innovative Strategy To Drive Success

Creation of ANS MasterCard debit card

The card will be released in the next 2 months (8 weeks) for ANS investors. This is to help these investors to use their Advanced Network Securities coins for day-to-day transactions. The card will play a vital role in preparing the path for mainstream adoption of the ANS coin.

Funding of Innovative Projects

The ANS crypto coin will fund selected projects in line with its vision of environmental sustainability through its innovative partnerships. They will do this through a strong and dependable international banking fiduciary association.

Successful Project Portfolio

Having a successful project investment portfolio will positively reinforce the reputation and value of the ANS crypto coin. This means more profit for ANS investors and traders alike in the crypto market. Also, more crypto exchanges will want to list the coin on their exchanges due to its apparent value.

Advance Network Securities Investment Portfolio


The ANS crypto project is in partnership with an Australian company (Australian Solutions Pty Ltd) and another South-East Asian distribution group called ANS Wellness. This is to manufacture aseptic milk products, powder and capsule products to meet international and local demand.

Health and Nutrition

The ANS crypto coin is also in partnership with Australian Nutrition and Sport. The goal is to build a range of health, nutrition and wellness products. All these products will be produced using healthy environmental processes that keep the environment healthy and greener.

Green Technology

The ANS crypto project is also investing in green technology in support of the health of the planet. They are in partnership with the holder of the Rapid Cooling technology patent. It will significantly contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, a big bonus for a healthier environment.

Closing Thoughts

The Advanced Network Securities crypto coin is undoubtedly a revolutionary project with massive potential in the crypto market. Its healthier planet goals are in line with the United Nations sustainability development goals. It will go a long way to improve its chances of success in the dynamic crypto market. The ANS Crypto coin is likely the next big winner in the crypto space, especially with its array of projects. You can purchase and trade ANS crypto coins on the following exchanges: Bitforex, Waves.exchnage, Coinsbit, Vindax, Folgory and Latoken.

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