Super-Five’s Recent Enhancement: Adding Dogecoin to Its Coins List
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Super-Five’s Recent Enhancement: Adding Dogecoin to Its Coins List
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The cryptocurrency industry has been more successful than ever before over recent years. Many people are turning into crypto enthusiasts because of the promising results the industry continues to yield. Since many coins dominate the market now, brokers in the crypto trading business need to select the coins that they will make available for the public to purchase. Recently, Super-Five announced its new addition to their coins list: Dogecoin.

Dogecoin has shown stellar results over the past few months despite being relatively new to the market. Previously, the method of selecting coins to be added to the list was drawn from available data. That said, trading brokers tend to stick with long-running coins such as Bitcoin, Ripple and Ether. However, recently, statistics show a decline in the value of these coins despite the success and popularity that they have gained in their early stages.

Super-Five has been monitoring Dogecoin’s performance for quite some time now, and they were able to see how this coin’s trend continues upward. Their selection was also made possible by their experts looking into how the coin performed in the past and how it is projected to perform moving forward. The company's spokesperson said that this selection process is something that they would like to continue doing to set the stage for every trading broker in the industry.

With Dogecoin being added to the list, what’s in it for the company and traders? By adding Dogecoin to the list, the trading company has given the traders the freedom to purchase coins with high potential while at the same time still being conservative in terms of risks. Surely, this enhancement is a big step that will help Super-Five stay on top of its game.

Company Overview

Super-Five aims to become one of the top trading brokers in the cryptocurrency industry. It has enjoyed increasing popularity because it provides traders with a different kind of experience that many are not able to find elsewhere, focusing primarily on investment and cryptocurrency.

The company also offers traders the option to go short or long on a wide range of instruments despite the high volatility in the market currently in place.


Super-Five’s Recent Enhancement: Adding Dogecoin to Its Coins List
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The company lets crypto enthusiasts trade using the next-generation trading technologies that they have included in their service offer.

Traders can perform transactions, monitor coin performance and manage their accounts using WebTrader. This platform is a web-based solution. Traders would only need their account credentials, and they can start trading already. This platform is accessible via any device regardless of its operating system. Enthusiasts can also trade 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Terms and Conditions

What’s great about this trading company is that it does not require traders to have a minimum initial deposit. This is not common to most trading platforms. Moreover, it is also available in all parts of the world.


Super-Five offers technical assistance and customer care 24 hours a day, six days a week. Traders can choose from live support, chat support, e-mail support or phone call.


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