Introducing Tupan: A Project that Points Out the Importance of Preservation
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The forests of our world are one of the most important resources that we have. They help cool off the planet, they produce oxygen, and most importantly — they are swarming with life — be that plants or animals. The diversity and richness of life are crucial for the world's survival, and that includes humans, as well. We may think that we are safe in our towns and cities, but the disappearance of species can severely affect the ecosystem and lead to the extinction of all other species.

Just think if certain types of animals that feed on mosquitoes go extinct. There would be entire swarms of mosquitoes flying around, biting people and animals alike, spreading diseases that would make the COVID-19 pandemic look like a small case of the flu. This is why it is important to preserve life, and the best way to do it is to preserve its natural habitat, which is what ForestAu Green LLC is dedicated to.

What Does ForestAu Green Do?

ForestAu Green dedicated its efforts to a variety of things, which mostly revolve around protecting, sustaining, and, in extent, regenerating the environment. It is a firm formed by Brazilians, who chose to start the fund in the US, believing that it is a more mature capital market.

However, the fund understands that those of us who are destroying the environment — greedy companies that are only in it for the money — only understand the power of cash. This is why ForestAu Green decided to level the playing field by delving into the financial industry, as well.

So, apart from combating deforestation and other risks around the world, the company is particularly focusing on the importance of Amazonia to the world, the relationship between investments and sustainability and regeneration, inventing new business models that could help environmental sustainability and more, like impact investments, the revolution of intelligent systems, and using the security of blockchain technology.

The company’s representatives noted that their mission is to bring "The balance of the circular bioeconomy together with the socioeconomic and environmental, the consequence for the environment is at first the recovery, in a second preservation, then regeneration (which includes preservation, reforestation, improvement and sustainability). Sustainability is part of the regenerative system, if something doesn't contribute to regenerate, has to be sustainable at least."

Its crypto asset has already proven to be an extremely valuable asset in fighting against deforestation, especially when it comes to the Amazonian Rainforest. This is why project Tupan has been created.

What is Tupan?

Tupan is a DeFi token issued by an Investment Fund that invests in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of native preserved Amazonia forest farms. The Investment Fund, ForestAu Green, invests and monitors the preservation, regeneration actions and the impact in the Amazonia while ensuring reliable reports to the Tupan stakeholders. The project leveraged on blockchain technology based on the Economic, Social and Environmental pillars related to the Regeneration Market of the Brazilian Amazonia. Each TUPAN is equivalent to One Cubic Meter of Preserved Forest and each Tupan Token issued by ForestAu Green is a DeFi backed by NFTs.

ForestAu Green LLC issued a total of 3,690,000,000 (three billion six hundred ninety million) Tupan Tokens non reissuible. This tokenization is supported by NFTs of Brazilian landowners with more than 4,200,000,000 m3 of native preserved Amazonia forest.

The purchaser subscribes to tokens using USD, ETH, Bitcoin, Waves or USDT. Tupans shall be deemed in US dollars, and payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Waves shall be valued in US dollars at an exchange ratio equivalent to the volume-weighted average hourly price. The funds were invested in NFTs, and the managers will to encourage the Regenerative Bioeconomy design and development.

Those who purchase the token during its pre-launch, on May 10, will be able to negotiate it as DeFi tokens on the best exchanges worldwide.

Those who do decide to hold on to it will have facilitated access to various transformative projects in the Amazonian forest, and they will be able to benefit from financial and economic valuation, or using it like DeFi token in the future. Most importantly, they will be able to see their impact on protecting the forest in real-time through an augmented reality application.

The company currently owns around 4.2 billion cubic meters of farms invested in NFTs, and therefore, it issued the total of 3.69 billion tokens non reissuable. This is a good start for achieving sustainability, preservation and regeneration of the region.

Why it is Important for the Fund to Succeed

Essentially, forest degradation is a massive consequence of human irresponsibility, and over the last several years, it has been on a rapid rise. As a result, there is an urgent need to rethink the current concepts of development and find less harmful ways to proceed while protecting biodiversity, instead of harming it at such a massive level.

ForestAu Green has come up with a sound strategy that revolves around promoting a regenerative forestry economy by fostering the production from research and development of environmental services, in order to create economic alternatives that will enable native forest conservation, and Tupan will be one of the most important tools in doing that.

So far, the ForestAu Green, through their Brazilian founder, managed to acquire perpetual rights to the 3.69 billion tokenized cubic meters of conservation in the Amazonia, which is one of the most important regions to protect. This is a massive achievement for a single firm, although still a small step in preserving the world. But, the company is only getting started, and it is not afraid of the challenge.

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