Morpheus Labs and Newscrypto Partner on dApp Development Education
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Blockchain educational platform has partnered up with Morpheus Labs to bring its analytical ecosystem to a wider audience interested in expanding their business into the cryptosphere.

This partnership will see Morpheus Labs providing all the tools necessary for dApp development education through an intensive program that includes theoretical and practical components.

Morpheus Labs enables organizations to build solutions and validate blockchain use cases atop reference applications and solutions. That is done through a Service (BPaaS) solution that powers up blockchain application development.

Morpheus Labs also offers easy-to-use development tools and applications in an agnostic environment with top blockchain technologies. In doing so, they leverage a team that has decades of combined experience in artificial intelligence, blockchain, mobile applications, cybersecurity and IoT across Europe and Asia.

The collaboration with Newscrypto will empower Morpheus on easy prototyping, deployment and integration of applications using educational content available at NewsCrypto Academy. Their joint business objectives, co-development and ability to scale help users gain knowledge on blockchain fundamentals.

Morpheus Labs' blockchain platform targets a wide range of industries, from energy trading, loyalty programs and healthcare to aviation, unified payments and e-documents.

The two companies said in a joint statement:

"Together we’ll be able to provide a comprehensive source of education for individuals and companies alike. Organizations will be able to understand all aspects of blockchain and create dApps that will suit their needs while being more streamlined, more cost efficient and quicker than ever before. Even students will be able to simplify dApp development and create their own solutions without having to build the solution from the ground up."

Newscrypto Expands Reach with New Partnerships

Newscrypto has been joining forces with top cryptocurrency players to bring as many people as possible to the space and make it accepted by the masses.

Newscrypto’s self-described goal to be ‘Bloomberg’ of cryptocurrencies has prompted the firm to build a crypto-orientated platform consisting of everything crypto market participants need.

The latest partnership is part of Newscrypto’s initiative to develop an education program suitable for beginners and anyone who wants to learn about cryptocurrencies. Newscrypto academy consists of written lessons and videos that cover all the topics that are hard to understand, such as leverage trading, uniswap, DEFI and much more.

Within this context, the company last month rolled out an Artificial Intelligence sentiment price prediction tool to track and analyze chatter about top cryptocurrencies. It has also teamed up with crypto-friendly travel website to offer yet another onramp for NWC token holders to capture value through new real-world applications.

Keeping abreast of the nascent asset class means frequently browsing vast amounts of info and insights from various online sources. As the crypto markets expands and matures, solving the puzzle would give market participants in the know a huge edge over the competition.

Newscrypto platform serves as an all-in-one crypto suite, providing a comprehensive set of crypto-specific tools for all users, regardless of their current level of knowledge. The platform offers everything from automatic charting tools that help beginners understand the basics of technical analysis to advanced proprietary indicators for expert traders. The NewsCrypto coin (NWC token) is the backbone of the NewsCrypto platform.

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