CRPT Shows that Crypterium Has More to Offer than Credit Cards
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Crypterium is a fintech company based out of Estonia. The firm has been doing a great deal of work as it hopes to establish itself as a trailblazing neobank with significant potential and the capability to provide easier access to digital assets for everyone.

So far, Crypterium’s progress has been laudable, to say the least. The company is impressive on all fronts, showing that a FiNTech organization can indeed diversify and expand. The newest expansion play on the company’s front now is the CRPT token.

Possible Growth for CRPT

CRPT is the native token available on Crypterium. It is an Ethereum-based digital asset that provides easy crypto-fiat conversions. While CRPT has been available for a while now, it is especially getting buzz as several blockchain-linked cryptocurrencies have been making waves. The Ethereum blockchain is growing, increasing adoption from sub-industries like decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

At the same time, CRPT’s strength comes from the growth of Crypterium itself. The company is now available in over 170 countries, serving clients and providing a wide array of FinTech and crypto services. In 2020 alone, transaction volumes on Crypterium jumped by 300 percent, while monthly turnover exceeded 150,000,000 euros.

With increased adoption, there is little to no reason why CRPT shouldn’t see a surge in its value and its underlying price. The asset already had an impressive year in 2021, jumping from $0.25 at the beginning of the year to a current price peg of $0.43. Data from Coinmarketcap also shows that the asset has managed to gain 11.2 percent over the past days. Since the crypto market is currently amid a bull run, there is no reason CRPT shouldn’t be able to surge even higher over the coming days.

It is also worth noting that Crypterium has done enough to provide growing liquidity for CRPT. The company launched its Crypterium Card in 2019, allowing customers to load some of the top cryptocurrencies along with CRPT. With the card, they can make online and in-store purchases at several outlets, including major names like Netflix and Amazon. Users can also use the card to cash out at ATMs and other outlets that dispense cryptocurrencies.

For now, investors will want to see how well Crypterium performs to make snap judgments on that front. However, all eyes will be on CRPT. Several analysts already listed it as one of the top altcoins to watch in 2021, and with the crypto market set to grow, CRPT could really take off this year.

Fundraising Gone Well

As explained earlier, one of the primary ways CRPT can grow will be through expansion from Crypterium. The company already showed significant potential for growth, and it has caught the eye of multiple investors and more.

This year, Crypterium offered fans and interested investors a chance to own a stake in its operations. The company opened an account on Seedrs, a London-based equity crowdfunding platform. This way, participants can access its portal and become part of the firm’s investor count. Speaking on the development, Steven Parker, Crypterium’s chief executive, said that the private sale would allow both retail and institutional investors to enjoy benefits from Crypterium’s growing stake in the digital asset industry.

Parker added:

"Since its foundation in 2018, Crypterium has established itself as an undeniable leader in the crypto banking sector. The ability to sell equity through Seedrs presents a remarkable opportunity for both retail and institutional investors alike to leverage the growing force of the digital assets market together with an industry-leading player."

The fundraising strategy worked. As of March 2021, Crypterium had raised €2.17 million from its crowdfunding equity program. Although the firm initially sought to raise just 1 million euros, it ended up doing more than it expected and was able to pull in large numbers on all fronts. Funds gotten from the campaign will be used to facilitate Crypterium’s growth and further development, especially with its online and mobile app platforms.

It is evident that the future is beyond bright for Crypterium. The company is enjoying the current boom in the crypto and fintech industries, and its native cryptocurrency could very well become one of the industry’s best-performing altcoins for 2021.

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