KuCoin’s (KCS) Native Token Paying Dividends to its Holders in Unique Move
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If you are in the crypto sphere then it is more than likely that you have heard of KuCoin exchange. It is one of the pioneering and better-known digital exchanges in the crypto trading arena and was founded in 2017.

Certainly, they are known best among their user base of 6 million, spread far and wide across 207 countries globally, for being one of the most advanced and secure exchanges. It is as powerful, as it is friendly for beginners, offering on-the-go and desktop trading.

There is no doubt that KuCoin has been busy since its inception expanding their offering. So far they support an astonishing 250 projects across 450 pairs, with a large number of projects listed on KuCoin first. With KuCoin it all comes down to diversity. Diversity of listings, diversity of projects, and diversity of investing types.

A Kingdom for KuCoin

Now the king of crypto exchanges is cementing its status by placing its KCS token at the heart of the evolving KuCoin ecosystem. The coin has a lot going on for it. Firstly, it can be used across a huge selection of the leading exchanges, as well as through the entire suite of KuCoin projects. These include KuCoin P2P Fiat trade, margin and spot trading, staking and lending services and the KuCloud.

It Pays to Hold KCS

Secondly, this profit-sharing token which was issued as an ERC-20 token is supported by the majority of Ethereum wallets. This native token gives its holders the chance to capitalize off of the success of the exchange itself. Account holders who keep their coin inside the exchange receive dividends based on the amount of KCS they hold, giving them a passive income, known as the KuCoin Bonus - giving users 50% of KuCoin's daily trading fee revenue. The token’s value has been soaring and is currently up over 355.1% in the last 30 days (at the time of writing) to trade at $5.23. KCS has a limited supply of 200 million, with 80.1 Million coins currently circulating and a total volume exchanged of $36,689,918.

The Benefits of Holding KCS are Infinite

Users that choose to pay their trading fees with KCS, can enjoy 20% discounts. This also includes token sales on KuCoin Spotlight and KCS holders can gain VIP status by getting reduced maker and taker fees, a perk that was formerly reserved for those turning over a huge volume of Bitcoin trades. KCS can be used as a payment method in over 2.4 million merchants using CoinPayments, as well for gaming, holiday bookings, and even to get loans on ETHLend.

The team behind KuCoin are massively ambitious and have big plans for the future that might just include domination of the crypto market. Not hard to believe considering that 1 in 4 crypto holders are already using KuCoin.

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