A 360° Look Into The New Gleec BTC Exchange
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The Gleec exchange might be brand new, but it is already getting rave reviews from crypto industry aficionados and industry press. In an industry which is already bursting at the seams with digital exchanges, it is no small task to set yourself apart. So how has this Estonian-based company done it?

First a look at the stats. The technology behind Gleec BTC, powered by Scalable Solutions, is already serving people from over 40 countries globally. So far the total orders processed on this software is nearly 300 billion with a total value of over $2 trillion. The platform performs over 100,000 transactions per second.

Security Above all Else

This is one of very few exchanges that has never faced any kind of a security breach. This is massive. In an industry with regular breaches, it is important for clients to know that both their details and their assets are protected. It uses the highest level of encryption technology, along with 2 factor authentication. Plus, Gleec’s platform faces very low system downtime. It executes transaction 99.999% of the time, meaning it is unlikely that you will be frozen out or discover bugs.

Usability at the Heart

Gleec BTC is available via desktop or the smartphone. It can be downloaded via Apple App Store or Google Play. Investors can monitor their portfolio or make new investments on the go. The platform is intuitive, meaning it is simple enough even for a beginner who has never invested or ever even seen an exchange before. With just a few clicks clients are able to buy or sell Bitcoin, Ethereum or Gleec Coin.

Someone Real to Talk to

Refreshing in an industry which tends to be so remote, to the extent of not having a voice at the end of the phone, or the possibility to use Live Chat. Likely users of exchanges and wallets will complain about the fact there is never anyone to talk to. Gleec BTC have addressed this, by having customer service representatives available for queries or support.

Is this the Right Exchange for You?

Generally speaking, it doesn’t take a lot for a person or company to create a digital exchange, a wallet or a crypto coin. So how can you know that you are dealing with a reliable firm? The Internet and specifically the world of blockchain is anonymous. You need to know that the company you are working with has a solid reputation.

Gleec themselves have an entire suite of products based on the blockchain. They combine blockchain technology with a utility coin. Their ecosystem orbits around the illustrious Gleec Coin, a renowned crypto token which has seen adoption by several exchanges so far like Bittrex, HitBTC and Bithumb. The coin has real utility as it can be used across any of the services and it brings bonuses.

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