The First Real DeFi Product From Hackers
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The community of the cybersecurity company Hacken has launched the Ideas Hackathon with a 45,000 USDT prize pool. However, on January 28 the site has been hacked by hackers who have left the message for the community.

On January 19, the Hacken community led by the organizer and investor Leo Andreo launched the First Grey Hats Ideas Competition. 1 week later, the site has been hacked.

The hackers have left a message to the organizers and the community on the Grey Hats Ideas Competition website in which they have announced the project’s name and provided information for organizers.

Hacken's technical team has offered its assistance to the community and restored the site’s functioning. All applications sent before the site’s hacking have been saved. In the official statement made by Hacken, Hacken CEO Dyma Budorin comments:

"We have helped our community restore the work of the site. That has not been a typical hacking. The hackers have decided to present themselves and apply for participation in the hackathon in such a way. We have contacted them to clarify the project’s details. Although we do not support hackings, the project in question devotes attention. We suggest that the project has the potential to have an impact on the further development of the DeFi market."

Hacken is a company that operates in the field of cybersecurity and applies the blockchain technology to protect users in the virtual environment from hackers and other threats. For more information regarding the contribution made by Hacken to the development of the cybersecurity industry, see the information on the company’s website.

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