What New Ideas Chrome, Opera, MS Edge and Other Browsers Should Learn From Pando Browser
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The crypto and blockchain industries are brimming with innovation and development — be that the growth of the DeFi sector, Bitcoin's new all-time high, Ethereum's shift towards Ethereum 2.0 or countless use cases found for blockchain technology and digital currency.

Of course, all of this might seem abstract to a new crypto enthusiast, who might be wondering how to even buy Bitcoin, or whether DeFi tokens are worth investing into.

However, there are blockchain-based projects that are a lot closer to these newly-attracted crypto enthusiasts, such as Pando Browser, which offer the benefits of the blockchain in a lot more accessible way.

What is Pando Browser?

Pando Browser is a company and product of Pando Software. Essentially, it is a privacy-friendly browser for devices running the Android system that has seen massive amounts of popularity recently.

Of course, you might be wondering why would anyone go for a new browser when there are already plenty of major names out there, such as Google's Chrome, Mozilla's Firefox, Microsoft's Edge, Opera and many others.

The fact is that none of these browsers offer what Pando Browser has — an array of privacy features, as well as the ability to control what ads you see, and what ads you don't see.

Pando vs Other Browsers

Most other browsers are not particularly privacy-focused. Opera may be an exception, as it did provide users with a free, integrated VPN that comes with its browser. However, all of these other providers do little to protect their users' privacy from the data-hungry advertisers.

Pando Browser is different. It allows users to block advertisements and only see the ones they are interested in. It also offers a variety of other benefits, tools and features. Like Opera, it has an integrated VPN that users can use free of charge.

Next, it lets users earn funds by simply using the browser and watching ads, if they so choose. This is possible thanks to its token, Pando Coin (PANDO).

Other Benefits of Pando

You can also easily manage PANDO inside the browser thanks to the integrated Pando Wallet, which lets you send and receive coins. There is also a Pando messenger, Pando Games, Pando Pictures, Pando Exchange and a number of other tools and features that make up the Pando ecosystem.

However, the ability to block ads and keep your data safe is one of the most attractive features, which is what secured over 100,000 downloads from the Google Play Store in only three months.

Pando's popularity and potential were even recognized by some bigger players. One of the most notable ones is Bittrex, a major US crypto exchange that only recently added support for PANDO on its platform. Through this listing, PANDO will enter the US market and become one of the coins available for US investors to buy, sell, trade, HODL and more.

With the US regulators being very strict about what coins can be traded in the country, the local investors are highly enthusiastic about every new coin that comes their way.

As for Pando Coin's future, the company has announced plans to further expand Pando's ecosystem. It aims to do it through technology development cooperation and marketing.

Its primary goal, for the time being, is to expand to Korea, and to partner up with the country's native businesses. Of course, the expansion to other regions of the world is also in the works.

In the end, Pando Coin likely owes a major portion of its success to Pando Browser, which stands above all others when it comes to taking care of its users, as well as for providing built-in functionalities for the community. One more thing to note is that Pando Browser users even have mining rewards capabilities, which is one more reason why its community feels so passionate about it.

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