How CoinZoom's Crypto Card Makes Cryptocurrency Accessible to Everyone
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Within the last few years, cryptocurrency-based debit cards have proliferated as companies with digital wallet integration have launched branded versions. This is achieved by collaborating with payment companies that can offer regular debit cards, such as Visa or Mastercard, allowing them to provide both fiat and cryptocurrency options. CoinZoom, a fully regulated, United States-domiciled cryptocurrency exchange, is one company to have launched its debit card with features and perks galore.

Underwritten by Visa, the CoinZoom card is available in five tiers, each with an escalating array of benefits.

Options for Every Type of Cryptocurrency User

Each of the five CoinZoom cards come in a distinct color, signifying the benefits it permits its owner. Whichever card you choose, it will allow you to store your digital assets in the mobile wallet and transact in fiat or crypto anywhere Visa cards are accepted, with over 53 million locations worldwide. CoinZoom's mobile application, which connects with the debit card, allows for effortless conversion back and forth between fiat and crypto.

Many crypto debit cards offer a cashback – or "cryptoback" – program, making earning BTC and other cryptos as easy as a card swipe. This is a great incentive for newcomers, who have a means to grow their crypto stack without changing their daily habits: simply shop as normal and the crypto rewards will accrue.

DCA Your Way to Crypto Riches

The introductory offering from CoinZoom is the green "Select" card, which includes a number of useful features. The Select card connects to the CoinZoom digital payments app, ZoomMe, for sending and receiving funds in any currency you please. The card features a $500 daily spending limit and offers 24/7 customer support. Owners of the Select card can also enable CoinZoom's debit roundup. This feature is perfect for passive investors, rounding up each purchase made on the card to the nearest dollar and investing the leftover change in a cryptocurrency of their choice.

This provides an alternative way to invest compared to making a lump sum purchase, by spreading out the investment over a longer period of time. This investing strategy, known as dollar cost averaging (DCA), is one of the most effective ways to accumulate a crypto asset, as price peaks and troughs will even out. Dollar cost averaging lowers the downside risk of investing in an asset by spreading the expenditure out over time, while mitigating price volatility.

Level Up to Preferred, Gold, Black, and Platinum

The next four cards come complete with everything available on the Select card and more. The next card from CoinZoom is called Preferred, a sleek, white card that doubles the daily spending limit to $1,000. Following this level are the Gold and Black cards, which again up the daily transaction limit to $2,500 and $5,000 respectively. The most extravagant option, for true ballers, allows for spending $10,000 per day. On top of the spending increase, all four cards provide options for cashback in crypto and a reduction on CoinZoom's exchange fees, with the Black card bringing a 50% reduction. All four cards range in cashback on spending from 2-5% a significant incentive for anyone looking to up their savings.

To qualify for the different levels of crypto debit card, you must purchase ZOOM tokens, the native token of the CoinZoom platform. Only 100 ZOOM are required for the first two levels, while you need 12,000, 50,000, and 100,000 for each subsequent card.

ZoomMe Simplifies Digital Payments

CoinZoom cards may bear the Visa logo, but CoinZoom's services go much further than a traditional debit card. Thanks to CoinZoom's global remittance platform, ZoomMe, peer to peer international payments are accessible to all card owners. ZoomMe provides a Venmo or PayPal-like experience, with the additional benefit of supporting cryptocurrencies. Unlike Venmo, which only allows $7,000 worth of transactions per week, and PayPal, which can impose varying levels of transfer restrictions, the amount you can transfer per day with ZoomMe depends solely on the tier of card you own.

Currently, the CoinZoom card is available to American residents across all 50 states, but there are plans to extend the service to other jurisdictions where CoinZoom operates. The regulated fiat gateway offered by CoinZoom allows for seamless transfers between fiat and cryptocurrency, making its eponymous card the easiest way to transact in-store or online.

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