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As part of the recently announced IIAwards, in which we celebrate innovations in the fintech and crypto industry, today we are going to analyze NewsBTC taking into account different categories.


NewsBTC is a news page chronicling the latest developments in the world of Bitcoin, altcoins and cryptocurrencies. Affirming a commitment to the affairs of digital money, the page documents cutting-edge happenings in exchanges and mining, as well as current forecasts and prognoses for an array of virtual currencies.

Ease of Use/Accessibility - (4/5)

As their company name suggests, NewsBTC have chosen to adopt an editorial, journalistic format, and for the most part, it serves them well. Categories are clearly defined and forthright, social media links are foregrounded, fluctuating crypto markets are clearly visible. Keeping up to date with the latest bulletins is stress-free and straightforward. A site that affords its users a resolute sense of simplicity.

Outreach - (3/5)

Unlike Reddit or other self-styled forums, it’s harder to determine the outreach of a site that isn’t overtly wearing its analytics on its sleeve. An aggregate total of NewsBTC’s followers amounts to a robust 84,860 across all of their social media channels, an impressive feat when considering that this cumulative figure omits website statistics. Though not as large and all-encompassing as bigger, more established sites, NewsBTC have evidently amassed a loyal following in the seven years following their conception. On balance, it’s difficult to determine how much of this audience is proportionally engaged with the materials on display, but one thing’s for certain: NewsBTC have undoubtedly augmented their sense of community enhancement with a steady sense of growth and expansion since 2013.

Breadth of Content - (3/5)

A sprawling, expansive webpage, NewsBTC is an ideal instrument for those who require the latest updates in the field of cryptos. Chronicling the latest stock prices and press releases, here is a site that has been dependably consistent in its output, constantly posting and uploading a variety of useful material day and night, around the clock.

Educational Tools/Resources - (3/5)

We’ve established that NewsBTC are excellent when it comes to reporting the latest developments in cryptocurrencies, but how do they fare with regards to disseminating education? The writers have shrewdly included a comprehensive tab dedicated to learning, and though succinct, the information is handy and versatile. A more dedicated approach to scholastic affairs could certainly be argued for, but for the most part, the information provided in posts is both interesting and informative.

Credibility & Sourcing - (3/5)

Like Medium, NewsBTC employ qualified journalists and experts to write for their page. Academic and professional backgrounds fill the headers of each and every post, reaffirming the reliability of the writer in question. Though cryptocurrency ultimately relies on subjective opinions and appraisals, the diligent, conscientious ethos of NewsBTC makes for a reassuring reading experience, permeating the content with a firm sense of legitimacy.

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