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As part of the recently announced IIAwards, in which we celebrate innovations in the fintech and crypto industry, today we will review EXANTE considering different categories.

General information

EXANTE is an international investment company established in 2011. It offers global multi-asset financial services, including direct access to 50+ financial markets in the US, European Union and Asia-Pacific.

Commissions & fees - (4/5)

EXANTE offers two pricing plans - one for individuals and one for corporate traders, with minimum deposit requirements of 10,000 EUR and 50,000 EUR, respectively. The broker targets experienced traders. The fees are charged on the basis of commissions (0.005% for Forex; 1.7 EUR for Futures; $0.02 per share maximum; $1.50 per option trade) and spreads (starting from 0.3 pips for the most popular currency pairs). The size of the spread or commission depends on the instrument of choice. The cost structure is transparent and easily understandable, there are no maintenance or service fees.

Markets & products - (5/5)

The broker offers well-rounded access to more than 50 financial markets around the world, including the most popular exchanges in the US, Europe and Asia. As of now, it is possible to trade 150,000 instruments. Requests for adding new instruments on-demand are commonly processed within 24 hours. Outstripping other brokers, EXANTE has facilitated cryptocurrency investment. With EXANTE, you can trade all classic and innovative instruments from a single multi-currency account.

Advanced trading platform - (5/5)

Arguably, the most pronounced asset of this broker is its state-of-the-art trading platform that, simultaneously, provides extensive technical capabilities and convenience for the users.

EXANTE's proprietary trading platform can be used on desktop computers (Mac, Windows and Linux OS) as well as iOS and Android devices. The broker also offers a web-based trading environment. The EXANTE trading platform is highly versatile and accommodates the needs of traders, brokers, asset managers and analysts. Only one platform is needed to gain access to all financial markets and tradable instruments. 400 servers around the world ensure the lowest latencies and the safest data transfer. The platform also supports automated trading made possible with their FIX and HTTP APIs. EXANTE offers white label solutions to institutional clients, brokers and asset managers.

Innovative account opening - (3/5)

The onboarding process is comparatively flexible compared to other brokerages. At first, the client has to fill in the online application, provide scans of various documents depending on the account type - individual or corporate - and complete an online questionnaire, indicating their knowledge of the financial markets. The process is well guided and once the minimum deposit is received, all of the functions become available to the trader.

Customer service - (5/5)

High quality support is one of the company's key priorities. The broker offers a 24/7 support via phone, email and live chat. The Support team responds in the English, Chinese, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish, Russian and other languages. In addition, clients have access to a comprehensive help centre that’s packed with FAQs, articles, guides and videos. Moreover, upon registration every client is assigned a dedicated account manager who is the first point of contact for all potential questions, inquiries and suggestions.

Education - (4/5)

In recent years, the company launched a new series of market analysis videos titled "Surfing the Curves." From time to time, it publishes video manuals for the desktop platform. The broker has not focused on expanding its portfolio of educational activities. However, it offers a Demo version of the platform available to all traders without registration. The Demo version has most of the functions of the live platform, with a major exception of live market data. In the Demo, it arrives with a 30-minute delay.

Mobile trading / Apps - (4/5)

EXANTE's mobile app compares closely with its desktop version, offering the majority of the functionality on the go. All available asset classes can be traded on the mobile app. It is possible to place orders, enter short positions, receive order status notifications, access historical data and more. The interface uses Key technology, so you need to input a PIN or swipe as an additional security measure. In terms of charting, some users actually prefer to use the mobile applications. You get the same choice of indicators, but with a cleaner interface. In addition, balances, margins and market values are easily accessible. What is more, the charts are flexible and the time frame can be adjusted as desired.

UI / UX - (4/5)

The interface is based on a modular structure and it can easily be customized with the help of the drag-n-drop function, thus allowing you to arrange the tools like building blocks to form a workspace. It is aesthetically pleasing and convenient to manage. What is more, it is possible to apply a range of predefined filters to navigate the vast offer of tradable securities.

Digital security - (4/5)

EXANTE is a fully licensed investment company and enjoys a reputation of a transparent and customer-focused broker. In line with the MIFID II requirements, the company separates clients’ and Company's assets. Clients’ assets are held on segregated accounts at the trusted custodians and EXANTE has no access to these assets. What is more, EXANTE's proprietary platform has been developed without using any third party solutions. All personal data are stored on EXANTE's internal services and are at no point exposed to external players. EXANTE is very transparent so traders are never left in the dark regarding associated fees, investable products, trading conditions, etc.


The latest updates of the platform include the "Disable trading" button that activates automatically when the platform disconnects from the servers and resumes the trading once the connection has restored. This way, the system safeguards previous orders irrespective of one's Internet connection. Moreover, there have been improvements in the flexibility of the chart layout, allowing traders to examine highly personalized historic performance reports.

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