Bitcoin is growing: last chance!
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Now, you’ve probably heard, if you’re tracking the crypto niche, that Bitcoin (with its already impressive ROI of 8,491.97%) is making serious progress, past the $10k mark, then $11. And now it’s gaining hundreds of dollars a day.

We hate to be the "we told you so" kind of person but y’ know, we did tell you a while ago that post-halving the price of Bitcoin will highly likely soar in a year’s time as it always did before. We even enlisted fellow authors of the Special Ops variety who dig the mechanic:

"The first halving occurred on November 28th, 2012 when one BTC was worth around $11. A year later, bitcoins price surged to a mouth-watering $1,100 in 2013, a price never before seen with Bitcoin. It had only been one year since the halving and Bitcoin had grown 100x. The second halving took place in July 2016. Bitcoin maintained a price of around $600–$700 before flying to $20,000 in the great bull run of 2017. Bitcoin had grown over 33x from its price before the second halving and over 1,818x from its price before the first halving," – Hackernoon.

Now, if you’re guesstimating on the $100+ side, you'll more likely to be right. Listing such price predictions from companies like Pantera Capital, Tim Draper, and Credit Suisse would take up this whole article, so we’ll just list one, from likely the most authoritative expert of them all:

“Tim Draper cites a couple of major reasons that might drive that kind of price action. Draper believes that the US government’s massive stimulus package will debase the value of the dollar and “send people to crypto.” He also expects that Bitcoin will see massive commercial adoption around the world within this timeframe:

“$250,000 means that Bitcoin would then have about a 5% market share of the currency world and I think that maybe understating the power of Bitcoin. All of a sudden, the retailers say, “Oh, you mean I don't have to pay 2.5-4 percent to the banks every time somebody swipes a credit card?” – Asia Times.

The future is here

So now that things are looking good and pretty much every global firm around the world is adoptingthe tech behind Bitcoin, blockchain, we’re finally starting to see empirical proof that things are going where we said they would be doing.

Those of you who diligently put away 25% of your cheque every month (some companies will convert the pay automatically for you fyi) can now rejoice.

Even if the rise is modest this time (for example, 10x), that still means making massive gains by just HODLing. Just don’t forget to get a good hardware wallet and read (preferably all) our articles on risk management and operational prudence.

Now that we’re entering the active growth phase (and remember that when everyone is buying, everyone is panic-buying), the huge likelihood that in a few months we’ll be seeing something shockingly pleasant on CoinMarketCap.

Predictions are an ungrateful business, but we wouldn’t put it past Bitcoin to go to $250 000 without batting an eyelid. Imagine having been investing all this time!

Also, another rally like this is not happening for another 4 years, by which time you’ll not only be living in Hawaii but also will have been hopefully saving Bitcoins for all those 4 years in anticipation of another huge rise. Maybe you should start making plans for a yacht you’ll call “Bitcoinica”.

After all, this isn’t Bitcoin’s first rodeo. If you remember, it used to sell at 5050 Bitcoins at $5. And, having been in the field for 10 years, constantly being attacked by every hacker in the world (plus the government), it managed to stay alive and it’s still going for the 1st place.

It would be naive to doubt it now - just like wondering if Schwarzenegger can pull off “Terminator 2” after the first film. You just know it's going to happen, right?

The chances are, we’ll be looking back at 2020 days of Bitcoin the same way we’re looking back on Terminator 2. Could we imagine a slew of awesome Schwarzenegger films back then? Possibly. With a little faith.

By the way, you may not be enthusiastic (understandably) about Terminator Salvation, and we support you there, more than you know.

But the truth is, so many experts are so certain that we haven’t uncovered even a percent of what Bitcoin can do that it’s extremely likely investing in it will see you reaping unbelievable benefits.

However! Unlike with Terminator films, who don’t have a problem time traveling, what if you weren’t saving a share of your salary in BTC the last couple of years? What’s worse, what if you haven’t even started?

The good news is there’s never nothing you can do. Even buying, trading, earning, whatever bitcoin is still a real possibility today. And getting it now for $11.5k and selling at over $100к is still not a bad deal.

Although you would have made far more if you listened to us before - and, well, let’s not talk about buying 5050 bitcoin for a fiver back in the day, we’re still in therapy about that.

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