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Mati Greenspan’s Quantum Economics has inked a deal with Indian media organization Coingape to supply regular market analysis and project research. The deal means that Coingape readers will soon be treated to the pithy soundbites and solid technical and fundamental analysis that are Greenspan’s stock in trade. The analyst shot to fame while working with crypto brokerage eToro, where he developed a knack for getting quoted in tier-one blockchain publications such as CoinDesk and CoinTelegraph.

Greenspan has since left eToro to find Quantum Economics, an advisory firm that specializes in expert analysis, often dispensed straight from its founder’s mouth. Coingape has convinced Greenspan to supply his wisdom to its readers on a regular basis moving forwards, with a focus on the performance of Bitcoin and Ethereum. There’ll be lots to discuss in Greenspan’s first despatches for Coingape, with both cryptocurrencies embarking on major price runs that have sparked the first signs of a bull market since 2017.

Coingape Ups Its Analysis With Expert Appointment

Coingape is known for the frequency of its output, sometimes publishing dozens of articles a day, and for the breadth of its coverage, which encompasses everything from enterprise blockchain to DeFi. The Indian media outlet also provides a steady stream of market coverage, analyzing the day’s biggest movers and shakers. With Mati Greenspan on hand to provide insightful analysis, the quality of that output should be ramped up, driving greater engagement for Coingape and providing its readers with actionable tips to help them profit.

In addition to crypto market commentary, Quantum Economics provides coverage of traditional financial markets, and also supplies money management tips. Aside from drip-feeding soundbites to crypto news outlets, the agency’s services are utilized by crypto exchanges and brokerages seeding to add value for their clients. Greenspan’s analysis can be found in leading crypto newsletters and trading portals, where it is relied on by amateur and semi-professional traders to optimize their strategies.

Sunil Sharma, founder at Coingape, said:

"We stand firm on our commitment to provide quality information, and partnerships with renowned experts like Mati Greenspan and Charles Bovaird will help us achieve our mission."

Today’s cryptocurrency holders are blessed with an embarrassment of riches when it comes to mastering trading and enhancing their understanding of cryptographic protocols. From YouTubers to educational portals dispensing free content, newcomers have a wealth of resources at their disposal.

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