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June 17, 2020

Futures contracts are agreements that allow traders to speculate on how the price of an underlying asset will be in the future at a specific price and date. For example, Bitcoin futures enable investors to get exposure to Bitcoin but without having to actually buy and own the cryptocurrency of the contract. Like futures trading with commodities or stocks, crypto futures are used by investors to potentially anticipate future price movements of the crypto, either to hedge against risks or to make profits.

At the moment, there are several companies and platforms that support crypto futures trading, but not all of them are ideal. Some might not be licensed by the proper financial authorities, meaning traders are at risk of losing their funds, or they lack convenient features, such as high leverage thresholds or diversity of underlying crypto assets.

Cryptology is a trading platform that offers futures contracts for a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, allowing users to have exposure to more assets from the crypto market. Aside from Bitcoin and Ethereum, Cryptology has futures contracts for Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, EOS, Litecoin, Tron, Stellar Lumens and Zcash.

There are perpetual futures contracts on all of the above-mentioned assets, which do not expire at any date, meaning the owner of the contract can hold the position for as long as he wants without any rollover or overnight fees. There are also BTC/USD futures contracts that have an expiration date.

Traders are able to get leverage of up to x100 on their futures contracts, allowing them to multiply their trades substantially. What’s more, there are zero fees on all futures deposits. This means that when you choose to deposit either crypto or card to purchase your futures contract, you will be charged zero fees on futures deposits.

In order to allow traders of all budgets to take part in futures trading, Cryptology has set the minimum deposit limit to a low of $25. With such a low entry limit and a leverage of x100, users will feel more encouraged to try a new trading instrument, as they can buy or trade contracts worth of $2,500 with just $25 as a deposit.

Customers can also purchase their first cryptos on this platform with just a few clicks. Bitcoin and Ethereum can be bought easily with fiat via credit card transfer or bank wire. The trader just has to put in the amount USD or EUR he wants to spend or how much crypto he wants to buy, paste his wallet address and complete the buy.

In the exchange section of the site, you can trade fiat for digital assets, crypto to fiat or trade cryptos amongst themselves. The platform offers a variety of trading tools for investors, such as market, limit or stop orders. Short or long positions can be conveniently accessed in just a few clicks.

Traders do not have to worry that they are giving their money to a sketchy site, as Cryptology is regulated by the Financial Investigations Unit, which provides it with the proper authorization to offer fiat to digital asset exchange services.

Cryptology has a simple and smooth interface, which enables the user to easily navigate the platform and find what he is searching for. The charts, trade orders and prices are all displayed clearly to the user and leave no room for confusion. To also cater to the trader on the go, Cryptology has developed mobile apps. Investors can engage in futures contract trading from their iOS and Android mobile devices through the Cryptology app.

The website offers a simple and convenient solution to investors and traders looking to get into crypto futures trading. With a low entry cost and the option of leverage of up to x100, there is no reason not to try Cryptology.

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