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It is common practice in the casino industry for online casinos to offer VIP programs to players that spend lots of money and make high bets on their platforms. Users usually get in these programs based on invitation after the casino has noticed their high expenditure. But once you become a VIP member, you can reap some rewards and perks that are not available to the average player.

The Advantages of Getting in a Casino VIP Program

Not all VIP programs are alike, with some casinos having easier entry requirements than others. In some instances, you can get in a program by making a large first deposit, but in other casinos, you will have to frequently place high bets and collect a number of points to get in.

Once you are part of the VIP elite, you can have access to a variety of exclusive bonuses and promotions. And the higher you are in rank, the more benefits you will unlock. The most common rewards of VIP programs are related to tournament participation, betting options and deposit advantages.

VIP programs also vary in the rewards they offer and the category of games. Slots usually come with free spins, table games, such as free chips, extra betting money or even cashback. Other VIP perks featured in the program might include a personal betting manager, dedicated Customer Support or feeless withdrawals.

Getting to any VIP level takes a lot of work and capital, and it can be quite discouraging for players who have reached a high membership status to transfer to another casino platform. Maybe there is one particular game you like, or you want to bet using a certain cryptocurrency, but the thought of starting all over as an entry-level player probably deters users from trying new platforms.

BC.Game is a casino that has changed the game for casino VIP programs by honoring the VIP membership of other players from different casinos. Several other online casinos, such as Luckyfish and have copied this model of making VIP transfers, but the rewards are not that worthwhile for users to make the transition. There are no prizes offered by for VIP transfers, and Luckyfish gives out just a symbolic amount of Dogecoin to high-level VIP transfers. BC.Game stands out from the crowd, as it gives away up to 82 Tether (USDT) to new VIP users.

Also, it is worth mentioning that BC.Game provides a sign-up bonus of 1,000 JB coins, where a JB coin is the native currency of the casino and 1 free spin on their lucky wheel. The big prize on the lucky wheel is of 1 BTC, and you can only buy more spins with JB coins.

Other bonuses are given in ETH or EOS to players who complete one of the casino’s daily tasks, which include activities such as "checking in" or "completing 10 martingale bets."

BC.Game is a multi-crypto casino provider that offers real provably fair games, be they traditional games or unique titles. There are currently 10 games available on the casino, but 2 more games are to be added to the list in the next 2 months.

The BC.Game casino is a verified operator of the Crypto Gambling Foundation, and it was among the first casinos to implement Lightning Network functionality to its Bitcoin-based transactions. The Lightning Network integration and LNURL invoicing allow users to instantly deposit and withdraw Bitcoin to and from their casino account.

MetaMask, Scatter, and TronLink are integrated for ETH, EOS and TRX, respectively, to permit faster transactions in these cryptocurrencies. BC.Game is one of the few casinos that support cryptos such as TRTL, VSYS, VNDC and DAI.

Another unique feature that players on BC.Game can take advantage of is the ability of writing and uploading proprietary scripts to control the performance of their auto betting.

BC.Game intends to become one of the leading gambling operators by always striving to offer the best features and games to its users.

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