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Generators are perhaps the most practical machine you can own for either your business or personal use. Everything uses electricity, making these machines immensely useful.

Typically, areas that suffer from frequent power outages, as well as those that are associated with plenty of natural disasters, are model examples for when generators are needed.

Of course, there are activities, like camping, that call for the need of using a generator.

As for the business side of things, commercial enterprises find generators most useful when the power grid fails them. This is mainly due to them having a lot more at stake than other generator users.

Construction sites also benefit greatly from generators. It is safe to say that almost all industries heavily rely on generators. Naturally, making mistakes in maintaining and working these machines cannot only be truly inconvenient for some but also enormously costly for others as well.

Here are 8 common mistakes you can easily avoid.

1. Infrequent Servicing

There are many mistakes done by those that operate generators. However, none are as easily avoided as the neglect to service your machine with the appropriate frequency.

By simply avoiding this mistake you will be avoiding the repercussions as well, which could be deadly to your business. Instead, look to regularly perform preventative maintenance, which can guarantee an early diagnosis of the machine’s condition, ensuring they are fixed and treated before they become serious.

In addition, by properly and regularly performing preventative maintenance, you will make sure your generator is running optimally.

2. Not Planning for the Future

Many generator users often find themselves needing a bigger generator, and it is usually because when they first purchased their generator, they were not thinking ahead, the future was not on their minds.

However, by carefully planning for the future, the need for further expenses will be eliminated. Instead, you should look at it as an investment, and make sure that you are receiving a quality generator as well.

The generator wizards at Ablesales explain that generators should be made tough to last, which can only be achieved by constantly designing improvements that enhance the quality, longevity and reliability of the machine.

A quality generator can withstand the most challenging uses and conditions, which can have it last for a very long time. By also taking note of its size, and the type of fuel it uses, you can plan ahead.

3. Failure to Perform Adequate Maintenance

It is common to find yourself erroneously servicing your generator. This is one of the most obvious mistakes done by people, but fortunately easily fixed.

To avoid having your machine undergo inadequate maintenance, you will need to focus on burning off all the unburned fuel in your generator.

Additionally, the service will need to include having the filters and fluids changed, as well as getting the fuel tested. Needless to say, the maintenance remains incomplete if you have not yet checked the engine, or the starting and cooling systems.

4. Failure to Check the Fuel Quality

When your generator is not being used regularly, the fuel becomes prone to developing serious problems inside the tank. For this reason, you will need to regularly check the fuel quality, especially if you are not using your generator for long intervals.

If the fuel quality is not good, and drops from a set standard, condensation can aggravate the situation by creating an ideal condition for microbes to thrive.

Ultimately, this will contaminate your generator’s tank, which can lead to the damage of the fuel injection system. This can be a serious problem seeing as injection pumps are very expensive to replace, not to mention, the machine will be paralyzed until this is done.

5. Failing to Hire Reputable Specialists

This is another obvious mistake often committed by generator users. However, avoiding it is relatively easy. Search for a good team of specialists. The reason you will need a specialist is that they can competently repair and service your generators.

Specialists can also offer meaningful advice as to what exact service you need, while also informing you of the preferred frequency required. Attempting maintenance without a specialist team can be very risky, as you may be unable to detect all the problems yourself.

The risks connected to this mistake are numerous and will inevitably lead to problems, which could have otherwise been avoided.

6. Failing to Supply Sufficient Fuel

Naturally, the health of your generator depends on the quality of fuel used. However, it also depends on the quantity used. This mistake can be fatal when you need your generator the most.

In order to avoid the issue, simply look to fill 90% of your fuel tank, which leaves room for expanding fuel but also ensures there is enough fuel, so as to not have the generator shut down.

7. Never Activating the Generator

Many people have committed the easily avoidable mistake of never activating their generators. This can lead to grave consequences, which can ultimately have the generator become indisposed. Simply, look to activate the generator periodically to reduce the risks of a permanent shut down.

Additionally, by regularly running your generator you will be able to identify the other faults that may be present. Never go for weeks or months without running your generator.

8. Neglecting Regular Oil Changes

Just as you would not neglect oil changes with your car, you should not neglect it with your generator. Regularly performing oil changes will not just keep your engine running efficiently, but it will also prevent other issues from arising.

This can include having to change the engine altogether.

All in all, generators need to undergo regular maintenance for them to perform at the best level without shutting down.

By taking these considerations seriously, you will not only prevent the obvious inconveniences from occurring, which is not having the generator work when it should, but also cut the costs connected to heavy repairs.

To achieve the best results, both for the present and future, you will need to acquire a high-quality generator.

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