Verasity's GameStore - A Unique GameStore Where Users Can Create Tournaments and Challenge Friends From Their Home Comfort
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Do you love games that have been revamped with the best visuals, sound, gameplay, controls and memorable characters? Do you also love the idea of making some cool cash while spending your leisure time in front of the screen? Then meet Verasity's GameStore, a marketplace that has been intuitively designed to meet the needs and expectations of game lovers worldwide.

The Verasity GameStore phase 1 has just been launched and it is quite unique. This platform incorporates great games from over 550 top global game studio publishers including BigPoint, European Games Group, Gamigo, InLogic, Bytro Labs, Whow Games, InLogic, Imperia Online, Troll Games and the infamous Tinbo titles. It, therefore, means that you'll be playing games that are actually worth your time, effort and attention.

What Does the Verasity GameStore Offer?

Before you conclude that this is like every other GameStore out there, take a breather! The Verasity GameStore is a unique platform that enables you to create tournaments and challenge your friends from the comfort of your home. And the best part is that this platform has been built with the goal of livening people's day in this pandemic season.

Accordingly, the new GameStore by Verasity offers you an opportunity to make money playing the GameStore Jackpot Tournament - every week Verasity’s GameStore hosts 3 tournaments of the most popular games on the GameStore. Verasians (users) stand the chance to participate in the weekly tournaments. Interestingly, the GameStore strictly follows its “terms and conditions” - giving no room to ‘cheat.’ According to this post, Verasity team has the right to eliminate a competitor if there is clear evidence of cheating and fraud.

Additionally, the player with the highest score per tournament wins the entire jackpot prize! Winner takes All. Winners will not only receive their prize in game credits, but they will also be notified by Verasity within 3 days of the tournament end date via their VeraWallet email address.

Currently, there are three active tournaments you can make money from - the Golden Jackpot, Silver Jackpot and Bronze Jackpot Tournament. According to this post, the first Tournaments started on Thursday, April 9 at 20:00 UTC and end on Wednesday, April 15 at 20:00 UTC. Players can enter at any time during the tournament period.

Features of the Verasity GameStore

Some unique and exciting features of the Verasity GameStore include:

Intuitive User Interface

Accordingly, the crypto GameStore meets this need by featuring an easy to use and intuitive user interface. It looks very simple and can be navigated with ease. Therefore, whether you're a beginner or professional gamer, you can walk your way around the platform and familiarize yourself with its features.

Wide Variety of Games

It'll no longer be a boring day at home thanks to the wide variety of casual and MMO/RTS games on the Verasity GameStore. These games are in different genres such as Arcade, Casino, Board, Kids, Maths & Science games, etc. Therefore, you get to choose a game in your favorite genre to stimulate your brain. What's more, there's the option to play as a single-payer, with another player, or create a tournament to challenge your buddies around the world.

High Rewards

Why opt to play games when you could pass the day watching your favorite show instead? You may wonder. But Verasity has plans to launch a reward incentive on its GameStore to reward your enthusiasm and gaming skills. That being so, if you love a challenge and you're confident enough to battle at tournaments, then you could be looking at making some money right from home. Much more, you get paid in the platform's native asset VRA (VRAB), which means your earnings today could potentially grow due to a spike in the digital asset's price.

Unconnected to the Google and Apple Stores

What happens when you've mastered a game only to discover that it has been taken down from the Google Play Store or Apple Store? Admittedly, it may be more than frustrating. However, Verasity has ensured this does not happen given that all its games are hosted on its own app store. The latter is a blockchain-based platform that is safe and secure. Consequently, you can play these games whenever you want, and invite your friends to do the same.

Unlimited Access

It's true that the hassle of making subscriptions may be one of the biggest challenges of playing games. This is no longer the case since the Verasity GameStore accepts VRA (VRAB) for registrations. What this means is that your location is not a limitation to how you can access its games since you get to pay with cryptocurrency. There are no credit card issues to deal with. In line with that, the VRA tokens you purchase are stored in your Verasity VeraWallet.


It's now easier than ever to obey the stay at home order and keep yourself safe from coronavirus thanks to the Verasity GameStore. You get to play hundreds of cool games with your family and friends right from the safety of your home. If that's what you look forward to, then head right onto the Verasity GameStore and see what games have been specially designed to make your day a more eventful one.

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