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PrimeXBT is known throughout the finance industry for many reasons, but a few key factors typically stand out: advanced trading tools like up to 1000x leverage and built-in charting software, the platform’s lucrative referral and CPA programs, and the massive list of assets across cryptocurrencies, stock indices, commodities like natural gas and oil, and the world’s most popularly traded forex currencies.

The asset variety and access it offers to traders seeking a diverse trading portfolio is a unique value proposition that helps set PrimeXBT apart from the rest of the industry.

19 New Trading Instruments Added Across Forex and Stock Indices

Just as the trading platform continues to add new features, such as a recently debuted Telegram bot and a new, progressive trading fee discount system offering up to 50% off trading fees, PrimeXBT regularly introduces new instruments to the platform.

New instruments means new trading pairs, and new trading pairs makes way for new, and more opportunities to turn a profit from today’s market volatility.

The platform is now once again stepping up its game and has launched 19 new trading instruments, now available for trading with up to 1000x leverage. The new assets include four new forex currencies, each with a variety of trading pairs, and four new stock indices. In addition, they’re bringing new three trading pairs to existing forex currencies due to what they say is an increase in interest in the Swiss franc, Japanese yen, and Canadian dollar.

New forex currencies include the Russian ruble, the Turkish lira, and both the Singapore and New Zealand dollars. These currencies are featured across a dozen or so trading pairs, mixed with USD, CHF, AUD, CAD, GBP, EUR and JPY.

Newly added stock indices France 40 (the CAC 40), Spain 35 (IBEX 35), Europe 50 (STOXX Europe 50), and Wall Street 30 (Dow Jones) join the likes of the NASDAQ, S&P500, and others already listed on the platform.

Drop It Like It’s Hot: PrimeXBT Reduces Order Size Requirement

These assets join the list of existing stock indices and forex currencies, in addition to commodities like natural gas, crude, and brent oil, precious metals gold and silver, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more. You’d be hard-pressed to find another platform that offers this many assets in a single, one-stop-shop.

But PrimeXBT aims to attract a diverse user base of traders from around the globe who can take advantage of the platform’s ROI bolstering tools and reliable, stable experience, with some of the tightest spreads in the market.

The trading platform also revealed that it has reduced the minimum order size necessary to open a position across all assets, new and existing, opening up the platform to even more traders of any level of capital. PrimeXBT offered an example of Brent oil, which prior to this latest update would have required a 100-barrel position minimum. Following the update, the minimum trade size is only 1 barrel, knocking about $7,920 off the minimum capital required to trade Brent oil.

Fast registration, low fees, low minimum deposits, and now, low entry requirements make trying the platform a no brainer. PrimeXBT also introduced a progressive discount system, where the most active traders on the platform can be rewarded with up to a 50% discount off trading fees, making trading there even more appealing for those that trade with large size or prefer to execute trades often.

Trading Platform Strives for Continued Innovation and Expansion

In addition to innovative ideas like the multi-tiered discount system, and four-level referral program, the platform regularly brings cutting edge tech to the market. After launching a first-of-its-kind Telegram bot that provides market, position, and account data on the fly to traders, PrimeXBT will soon launch a full-scale fund asset management module in partnership with Covesting in the very near future.

All of the assets available on the platform, including the 19 new trading pairs introduced in this latest batch, are expected to be tradable using the Covesting Module and are already available on the PrimeXBT mobile application.

Want to Learn More?

For traders interested in learning more about the new assets listed on PrimeXBT, the company has released a detailed guide on their blog that should help provide any additional information necessary to get you started.

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