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Broker EXANTE is one of the most promising stock market players in the CIS. It’s actively expanding into the European and Asian markets. EXANTE’s main distinctive feature is that it provides clients with a single account for thousands of traditional and derivative assets - through the cutting-edge EXANTE trading platform.

Bitcoin fund review

Started in 2012, the Bitcoin hedge fund from EXANTE boasts record profitability. With its overall return of over 70,000%, the fund has demonstrated confident growth through the years.

The fund offers absolute exposure on the crypto #1. The cost of a single share is determined by the actual value of one 1 BTC and it follows the coin’s market fluctuations. You can hardly find a better way to profitably invest in the leading crypto asset with a single click than this fund. $800 million – that’s the total value of orders processed by the fund, another signal of trust in the institution. Using the trading platform from EXANTE, you can conveniently trade Bitcoin as you do with conventional financial instruments, such as stocks.

As the fund’s client, you will enjoy these benefits:

  • Trade the fund shares without any restrictions using their advanced platform. It’s the same as dealing with ETFs, ordinary shares or other financial instruments.
  • Place the fund stocks on your company’s balance sheet, thus increasing your assets.
  • Perform transactions in compliance with the law and safety requirements.
  • Make use of advanced tools for reporting and trading.
  • Open both long and short trading positions in Bitcoin.
  • Enjoy the possibility to trade over 100,000 instruments.
  • Work with 50+ global markets from a single account.
  • Trade derivatives, stocks, commodities, bonds, etc.
  • Control order execution and manage your risks with the desktop or web platform, or a native mobile application.
  • Make use of the FIX API to get real-time market data.

EXANTE fulfills all Securities and Exchange Commission requirements

The broker’s HQ is in London. The company holds licenses from FCA in the UK, SFC Hong Kong, the Maltese MFSA and the Cypriot CySEC. EXANTE also has offices in Amsterdam, Riga, Moscow, St. Petersburg and other global locations.

The company meets the strict requirements of the SEC and ensures MiFID II compliance.


The company was started by Alexey Kirienko, owner of the Global Hedge Capital Fund. He used his rich knowledge and experience to establish the broker in 2010. A skilled programmer and Co-Founder Anatoliy Knyazev made a substantial contribution to the project. Hand in hand with another partner Vladimir Maslyakov, Alexey and Anatoliy created a comprehensive trading platform that enabled direct market access to assets from a single multi-currency account. The third crucial team member was Gatis Eglitis, a seasoned economist and graduate of the Copenhagen Business school.

In just a few years, the team has managed to become the segment leader. The broker’s portfolio now includes a thousand companies with a total capitalization of 200 million euros, while the number of classic financial instruments and derivatives, including Forex, exceeds 100,000.

You ought to try this broker

There are three ways to trade assets with this broker. You can use a desktop trading platform, trade in your browser or trade on the go from a mobile app (iOS or Android). The platforms from the broker support up to six languages.

Transactional latencies may be as low as 30-50 ms depending on the venues. The number of supported exchanges and platforms, including NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, OMX, exceeds 50.

It will take you just 15 seconds to open a demo account with the broker. It will enable you to see how stocks and other assets are bought and sold in real time and in real conditions. The only exception is: you will use virtual money without paying tangible cash.

The drag-and-drop feature makes its easy to customize the trader’s workplace. The entire has a modular structure allowing the user to instantly regroup and move windows, panels and buttons. The broker’s platforms support sophisticated technical analysis with fine-tuning of trading indicators. The option board helps to efficiently monitor these complex instruments. It also offers algorithmic trading for advanced traders.

Users can rely on multilingual 24/7 support (phone, chat, email). EXANTE also allocates a dedicated manager to every client for any assistance in trading on the platform.

Open an account with the broker

The minimum amount to open an account with EXANTE is €10,000, or an equivalent in other currencies. You can convert your balance to any currency at the up-to-date rate.

The contract is concluded remotely. You should register on the website and then confirm your email. After this, you should verify your identity. For this purpose, you need to send a passport copy and other documents. Once your data is checked, you’ll be provided with the details to deposit your account.

When dealing with EXANTE, you won’t be charged to maintain your account. Moreover, you won’t be fined for inactivity.



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