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Sept. 30, 2019
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Do you recognize this? You open Tradingview and manually check all BTC trading pairs, trying to spot a good trading opportunity. Or you might go on Twitter to try and find a technical analysis by someone who found that a certain coin has a fantastic opportunity for an entry.

Finding good entries is the single most challenging part of crypto trading. Not only is it difficult to keep an eye on all 130+ cryptocurrencies, also the market is constantly moving. And to top it all off, unlike regular stocks, the crypto market never sleeps. It just keeps going 24/7.

If you follow the occasional Telegram group, Twitter influencers, or are in a discord channel, you might find some charts that have pre-made analyses on them. This can be really useful, because a RSI divergence or solid support zone might be hard to find. The only problem is, you are almost always too late. By the time you see them, the price has already been long gone from that point. You can't get them at the moment you actually need it.

Ultimately, the path to success is by learning. As a beginner, you might start finding good trading opportunities by just blindly following signal groups. If you feel more comfortable on your own, you can move on to reading analyses from influencers. But the real learning starts when you try to do it on your own. Open Tradingview and actually try to find set-ups that work for you.

The solution to this is by starting to use a crypto market scanner. This is a tool that automatically scans the market for the conditions that you set. For example, are you a price action trader? Enabled the scanner to find horizontal supports and resistance areas. Do you trade often using the RSI indicator? Enable the scanner to find oversold and overbought coins, or even RSI Divergences.

We have identified the best crypto scanner on the market: The 100eyes Crypto Scanner. This scanner is constantly looking at all altcoins of the market in real-time. Whenever it sees that a certain TA-based event happened that you selected in the portal, it will automatically send you an alert on Telegram. The best part is the wide range of options. Normal scanners simply show you the RSI and volume of coins. The 100eyes crypto scanner goes far beyond that, and can even send completely automated charts, so you can immediately see the value of an alert - even when you're on the go.

The 100eyes crypto scanner works by using Telegram. By starting a conversation with their bot (Go to Telegram and search for '100eyes Crypto Scanner') you can get a free trial for 24 hours. This will give you plenty of time to understand if this is something that is helpful for you. No form of registration is required, and if you decide to become member you can pay the small monthly fee using crypto!

We highly recommend to start trading using a crypto scanner. It will give you the best entries based on solid TA, while allowing you to keep learning and improving your own trading. It will safe a lot of time, and you will get great opportunities pushed to your phone even when you are away from the charts.

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