3 Key Reasons To Still Invest In Bitcoin In 2019
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Invest or not invest. That is the dilemma that many people face today when trying to decide if bitcoin is worth it. With the ups and downs that bitcoin has had since it became mainstream, should you invest your money in bitcoin in 2019? On the one hand, there is currency instability. On the other, there is also a unique opportunity to invest in the currency of the future this 2019.

Whether investing in bitcoin in 2019 is a hot topic; all the noise around the cryptocurrency makes it easy for you to judge whether you are testing this lucrative digital asset. As a young asset, the market is turbulent and full of stories of extreme success or massive failure. Therefore, the question in question is based on the timing, the probability, and the appropriate investment profile for you to make informed decisions.

These are the three best reasons why you should invest in bitcoin this 2019.

1. A Currency Without Flags

One of the biggest attractions of bitcoin is that it is a decentralized currency and does not depend on any government. It means that its value does not rely on the stability or politicians of any country. Its value depends purely on users.

Governments and banks do not know what to do with cryptocurrencies since, for the first time in centuries, they cannot access the user's money. In Venezuela, for example, the bolivar has become virtually useless thanks to a corrupt government. In that environment, bitcoin has become particularly valuable by not depending on the Venezuelan government and not being affected by any sanctions from other countries.

You can go to any trade in any country that accepts bitcoin and make your transaction without having to convert your currencies, safe from the eyes of any government and in total confidentiality. If you are traveling in places where bitcoin is accepted, using your bitcoin account to pay for your products and services is cheaper than converting your currency into the local currency.

In a world controlled by banks and governments, cryptocurrencies or free bitcoins are the only really free currencies.

2. Bitcoin Protects Your Privacy Better Than The Bank

You may be surprised to learn that your banks sell your purchase information to third parties. They use your confidential information to use you like a product and try to sell you items similar to the ones you buy. With sophisticated algorithms, they can determine your location, your personality, and your gender to save a profile of yours in your own database.

Moreover, that is when banks work with third parties. By having so much private information, banks are the regular target of hackers. They steal your personal information and sell it to people with fewer scruples. Many fraudsters buy your stolen data from a hacker to expand their database, knowing, among others, your name, your age, how much money you have and where you live.

So these security flaws are more common than you think. HSBC had a gigantic security flaw at the end of 2018. Also, if you look for your bank in the list of security flaws, you will most likely find it.

With bitcoin, however, it is not possible to hack your database because a database as such does not exist. No one can track your purchases with cryptocurrencies to sell them to the highest bidder. Bitcoin is the best way to save your privacy.

3. Promising Forecasts

Since the bitcoin bubble exploded, its value has remained relatively stable. It is a matter of seeing any graph to see how fast it grew and how quickly it fell, followed by a relatively straight line as the currency stabilizes.

Many experts predict that bitcoin will continue to rise, and it is reasonable to think about it. At first, Bitcoin was bought by people who wanted to make some quick money but didn't understand the technology. Since the bubble burst, only true connoisseurs have been left with bitcoin, and more and more people begin to value and understand the technology behind cryptocurrencies.

Unlike before the bubble burst, bitcoin is beginning to be accepted in more and more stores. Imagine how much its value will increase when Amazon and other large businesses inevitably start accepting bitcoin as a form of payment! People are investing in bitcoin not because it is a fad but because they see the value of leaving banks behind, leaving governments aside and, for the first time, taking over their money entirely.


After considering all of the above, determining whether bitcoin is a good or a bad investment can be seen as a matter of faith or what type of investment you want to make. If you want to buy and sell in the traditional way, we recommend that you be very attentive to the daily quotes of this currency and its market. A sharp fall can be anticipated, just like a hike, so continually studying the market is the best.

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