How Cryptocurrencies Have Revolutionized the World of Online Sports
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Aug. 6, 2019
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Crypto has revolutionized the world of online sports betting by cutting transaction fees, providing players with anonymity and speeding up the withdrawal process. Many sportsbooks now allow you to wager in bitcoin as they are well aware of the various advantages it offers. You do not have to hand over personal details, you do not have to fill in credit card details on web forms, there are no middlemen taking a cut and you do not have to wait days to receive your winnings. The only downside is the volatility of the crypto market, but bitcoin is on a tear this year, so that is not a problem at all right now. Here are the top sportsbooks that accept bitcoin:


This is one of the oldest and most reputable sports betting sites around and it has long held an A+ rating at Sportsbook Review. It was one of the first sites to recognize the potential of bitcoin betting, and it began accepting the popular cryptocurrency all the way back in 2014. Anyone that chooses to bet on sports using crypto at 5Dimes will benefit from some of the earliest lines on the market, while it also operates on a reduced model. This essentially means that it offers you more attractive odds in a bid to beat its competition, allowing you to make a greater profit if your predictions are successful. The wait for validation is short, processing speeds are rapid and there are no charges for deposits or withdrawals.


Bovada was a little late to the party, but it has now been accepting bitcoin for more than three years and it has soared ahead of much of its competition. Like many sportsbooks, it welcomes bitcoin because it means it does not have to pay out as many handling and conversion fees to banks. As a reward for betting in bitcoin, it will give you a generous sign up bonus, and it strives to offer sharp lines while also promoting a number of interesting bonuses for bitcoin customers. The limits are relatively high and it is quick and easy to deposit and withdraw bitcoin with this site.


BetOnline has long been a pioneer in crypto betting and it has accepted bitcoin deposits since May 2015. Its deposit limit is slightly lower than some of its rivals, but there are no fees, payouts are fast and free, and it offers a 100% sign-up bonus and a 35% reload bonus. This is another safe, reputable bookmaker with a long history of prompt and fair payouts, strong customer service and security. Betting in bitcoin makes it even more secure, while there are no banks or government agencies involved and many players like this level of anonymity.


This is the world’s oldest sports betting site and it has been accepting bitcoin since 2015. It is another well-respected sportsbook with an A+ rating and it has a large customer base of dedicated sports fans. It also offers poker and casino games that you can bet on with bitcoin, while there are some great promotions for you to take advantage of and the payments are are 256-bit SSL encrypted.

Nitrogen Sports

This site was built with bitcoin betting in mind and it is the main currency for transactions here. Deposits and payouts are extremely fast, and your anonymity is taken very seriously. The sign-up process requires no personal information and you can access it from anywhere in the world. It has also built up a formidable offering, accepting bets on most major sports and several smaller ones too. The minimum bet is 0.001 BTC, so it is a great site for anyone delving into the wonderful world of online betting for the first time.

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