UnitedCorp Intends to Sue Bitmain, Kraken and Roger Ver for Conspiracy Against Bitcoin Cash
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The technology company United American Corp (UnitedCorp) filed a lawsuit against Bitmain, the Kraken exchange, Bitcoin.com portal, Roger Ver, and others involved in “a well-planned scheme to take control of the Bitcoin Cash network”. This was reported on Friday, December 7, on the website of the corporation.

The document states that the actions of the defendants led to a “global capitalization meltdown of the Bitcoin Cash network”, at the same time helping the above-mentioned market participants to enrich themselves. The company's website also contains a detailed description of the scheme according to which the conspirators allegedly acted.

After the bitcoin cash hardfork, according to UnitedCorp, the companies and individuals that are mentioned in the lawsuit took control of the cryptocurrency network, violating "the accepted standards and protocols associated with Bitcoin since its inception."

Moreover, the actions of the participants were aimed at centralizing the BCH network, UnitedCorp is sure.

The initiators of the lawsuit are also confident that on November 20, the bitcoin ABC development team, under the pretext of “Deep Reorg Prevention”, introduced the “poison pill” into the blockchain.

UnitedCorp requires a court order prohibiting defendants from engaging in future activities that harm the bitcoin cash network. In addition, the company intends to receive compensation for damages, the amount to be established in court.

Bitcoin SV, which emerged as a result of the hard fork of bitcoin cash, is currently rated 7th by market capitalization. Moreover, its rate is growing despite the fall of the market. Over the past day, the price of BSV has lost -2.25%, and the assets capitalization is $1,721 billion.

At the same time, the main competitor of BSV — bitcoin cash — has fallen by 14.21% in the last 24 hours, having consolidated on the 6th line of the rating.

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