Altcoins You Failed to Profit From Week – XV
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Dec. 6, 2018

It is December, folks! Christmas songs are already on in every mall and people are again hopeful for the upcoming year with good wishes and fresh starts. If you had a good year and your last year’s wishes came true, you might share this optimism as well. On the other hand, due to the black hole called the crypto market, there are many who need to tighten their belts just a few weeks before Christmas. And there are even fewer among us who have invested in these three Altcoins that the rest have completely missed.

Let’s take a look at the best performing altcoins of this week.

Our list starts with Aidcoin, founded by Francesco Nazari Fusetti, Manuela Ravalli, and Domenico Gravagno. The token AID was the leader of the altcoins which showed high performance over the last week with a 130% growth.

The value of the coin is now $0.041, and its capitalization reaches $1,812,247.

Altcoins You Failed to Profit From Week – XV

Aidcoin is essentially an ERC20 utility token which people can use to donate to charities and track their donations on the public blockchain (AIDTrack). People can also donate in any cryptocurrency they want with AIDPay, which converts the amount to AID right on the spot.

GoldCoin was gold this week. GLD token showed almost a hundred percent growth over the last seven days. The cost of the coin at the moment is $0.031 and the capitalization is $1,319,942

Altcoins You Failed to Profit From Week – XV

GoldCoin is a fully decentralized network where any developer can contribute anonymously since its founding back in 2013. It has positioned itself in the market as the digital gold of the cryptocurrency age. And no, it is not backed by real gold, but mathematics.

BitSend showed a 26% growth last week and became the third on our list. The coin value now stands at $0.080 and its capitalization reaches $1,728,187.

Altcoins You Failed to Profit From Week – XV

BitSend Coin is a cryptocurrency based on a peer-to-peer network and Bitcoin Core 0.14. Its primary function is to handle online payments.

On the BitSend platform, miners can earn money by securing the blockchain, and so-called “master nodes” are rewarded for saving the blockchain and making it available to users.

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