Dogecoin Creator Helps Twitter, Scares XRP Scam Bots Away
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Dec. 3, 2018
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It looks like it takes a serious turn and XRP literally becomes superfluous, at least in the life of the Dogecoin creator.

As a result of aggressive community policies and a variety of accounts promoting XRP (XRP/USD) on Twitter, Jackson Palmer has published an open source Python-written tool that automatically blocks Twitter XRP accounts, disabling the ability to mention users when they use XRP Away™.

This doesn’t mean that users will lose the ability to send messages related to XRP, but profiles that explicitly promote this cryptocurrency will automatically be moved to the list of blocked accounts.

“Only blocks based on name, handle or bio. Not tweet content,” Palmer specified later.

Palmer’s initiative to fight XRP crypto scam bots on Twitter is not the first one. Earlier in September, Dogecoin creator was urged by Elon Musk to help clean the social media from arising a number of spam ETH accounts.

Elon Musk Calls for Сombating Crypto Scam

In February this year, Musk announced that he is not holding any cryptocurrency. He also complained about the fraud problem to Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey, but this did not bring tangible results. Subsequently, Twitter began to block all unverified users under the name Musk, but the scheme continues to flourish up to this day.

Elon Musk Calls "Crypto Scam" Twitter Epidemic

Later, Musk called the skills of the scammers "mad-skilled" and declared that "wants to get ETH, even if it is a scam." It is noteworthy that in the comments under these messages, the attackers also launched their activities.

Desperate to find a solution on their own or with the help of Dorsey, Musk turned for help to the creator of Dogecoin, Jackson Palmer.

Palmer has sent the script to Musk via direct messaging, however, the recent one has become the first time to be available to the public.

Some of the users tried to prevent the mass adoption of the nerves saving code and reported on it to Twitter. But the platform’s moderators did not find any violations.

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