Stellar Failed To Fix the Bug: Almost 100 Billion XLM Transaction Detected
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Nov. 30, 2018

A suspicious transaction of 99,999,999,999 XLM was conducted on the Stellar Lumen cryptocurrency network, which exceeds the number of tokens in circulation five times. Users note that the operation was performed on the morning of Friday, November 30th.

Some suspect that the network’s blockchain has undergone a spam attack. The transaction is accompanied by a comment with a reference to a mem that is popular in the cryptocurrency community:


In addition, a Reddit user under the nickname @hsbakhtar writes:

Later, in the comments to a post user under the nickname @StellarChurch expressed his outrage by the company’s excuses pointing to the same bug in the system that was unveiled earlier in April but remained unfixed.

According to the description, in the Stellar system the user can transfer an unlimited number of XLMs from one wallet to himself, which, however, are not real tokens. Despite the fact that this is just a visual bug, you still have to pay a transaction fee for it.

Stellar — Shooting for the Moon

Earlier Stellar came fifth in the rating of cryptocurrency, beating EOS by capitalization, and recently it exceeded bitcoin cash by cap moving to the fourth line in the global ranking of CoinMarketCap.

Despite its relative ‘youth’, stellar already has a number of large projects implemented on its basis. IBM uses it for cross-border payments – a partnership which opened many doors for Stellar. There is a StellarX exchange. Another example is the Slice project that promises to tokenize American real estate and, accordingly, ease access for international investors to the old market – there are no boundaries for cryptocurrencies. And then there is Veridium project, which intends to capitalize on natural assets, such as carbon dioxide emissions, which have become a large international market.

Islam and Crypto - How it Works

Among other interesting facts that are worth mentioning, Stellar is the first cryptocurrency complying with the Sharia law. The conservatism of the Arab market is compensated by the limitless loyalty of its users and the great prospects it provides.

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