Bitcoin Going Down? Chinese Rating Says Otherwise
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China’s Center for Information Industry Development (CCID), part of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the country, has published an updated version of its cryptocurrency rating project — already the seventh in a row. The number of estimated projects was 33 and did not change from the previous release.

Bitcoin Going Down? Chinese Rating Says Otherwise
CCID rating

EOS continues to occupy the first line, ethereum — the second. Both projects retain their positions from the June’s rating. It is noteworthy that bitcoin, previously recognized by Chinese experts as the nineteenth best cryptocurrency, climbed to the thirteenth place. Bitcoin cash, however, amid its recent controversial hard fork lost one position and now ranks twenty-ninth. Decred closes the list, and above it stands NEM, which previously occupied the last place.

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33 crypto-projects were evaluated on the basis of their technological component, practical significance, and ideological potential, and in the end, received the total index — the summed result of three indicators on the basis of which a place in the rating was awarded. In terms of ideological potential, bitcoin takes the leading position. EOS became the best from the technological capabilities point of view, while ethereum is the chosen winner for its practical value.

It is worth mentioning that this round saw two cryptocurrencies at the same time ranked 16th.

Stratis and Waves got in total 95.2 points and shared the place, so there is actually no crypto occupying the 17th line. Stratis coin is overgoing Waves by its technology while Waves showed better results in practical significance and ideological potential.

Bitcoin Going Down? Chinese Rating Says Otherwise
CCID Rating

CCID notes that it is constantly improving its own assessment model based on the recommendations of the working groups and consultants. According to analysts, they adhere to three basic principles. First, “the indicators should be adapted to all evaluated objects, not just some.” Second, “the proposed indicators should be related to technological innovation in public chains.” And the third one, “the measurement or evaluation of the indicators can be implemented.”

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“CCID Blockchain Research Institute will also launch an in-depth evaluation report and application development report for public chains … We will also launch an advisory service and report on public chain technology assessment,” the experts assured.

Chinese government issues digital currency rating in spite of the fact that crypto trading and ICO’s are restricted in the country.

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