Binance CEO Optimistic About Mass Crypto Adoption in 2019
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Nov. 25, 2018

It seems that every article you read about crypto inevitably starts with acknowledging the fact that the crypto market is going through pretty rough times. However, the topic of mass adoption is still relevant and still being talked about, despite the dreary crypto situation. And it is the opinion of Binance CEO and founder, Changpeng Zhao, that mass adoption for digital currencies will occur next year.

Binance is one of the largest crypto exchanges that is planning its very own ecosystem, shared Zhao in an interview.

“Right now, our ecosystem is made up of the Exchange, a wallet, Labs, Charity, Info, Academy and more. We hope some of them will become the infrastructure for the industry.”

Moving towards an ecosystem paradigm is an important part of crypto adoption, for it is necessary for something to me so much more than useful to be accepted by the people. It has to be accessible, understandable and easy to use. Currently, digital assets lack some of these aspects. Of course, by no means can one say that progress hasn’t been made, it has. There are countless wallets, both physical and digital, numerous exchanges that specialize in different things, and hundreds of cryptocurrencies that differ in their function. So it is no wonder that many people are clueless as to how to go about acquiring crypto and what to subsequently to do with it. A coherent ecosystem could be the answer to this. Zhao is skeptical of the bearish market and he has stated on a number of occasions that he expects the prices to soar in the future, and for crypto to keep going strong.

In response, a question about Binance’s plans, Zhao stated that moves towards aiding crypto adoption in 2019 will be made. However, that is only a passing goal. The core aim, as the Binance CEO put it is:

“Eventually, I want people to think of Binance as a verb. Just like Google. Google used to be a name; now I "google" something. It should not really be thinking about Binance; it should just be thinking about something you do, and that should be automatically Binance.

An infrastructure services provider -- that's our ultimate goal. Today, if you drive on the road, you don't think about driving on a road; you just drive. You find a road and you drive on it. We want to be the road.”

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