DARPA, U.S. Military Program Interested in Blockchain
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It is no secret that the crypto market is experiencing a somewhat difficult time at the moment, with bitcoin (Bitcoin) currently under $4,400 and many other cryptos also in decline. However, cryptocurrencies represent something more than just a replacement of traditional financial instruments, they represent the blockchain technology. And whatever the crypto market is to face in the future, there is absolutely no doubt that the technology behind the digital currency is to continue spreading into different sectors of our every-and not so every-day lives.

One such recent example is the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which is keen on becoming more informed about technologies for distributed consensus protocols. The organization has filed a request for information (RFI) with a planned workshop regarding the matter to be held in February of next year. The agency is interested in finding an alternative way to encourage participants without using fiat or cryptocurrencies. Give access to computer resources is one such favorable incentive.

Information from the RFI could possibly become a foundation for a future DARPA program.

“For the purpose of this RFI, DARPA is solely interested in permissionless distributed consensus protocols … While there is a substantial amount of publically and privately supported research and development in distributed consensus protocols, DARPA seeks information along several, less-explored avenues of permissionless distributed consensus protocols. Such information could help inform a future DARPA program.”

Blockchain is itself a progressive technology that is being implemented almost in every field one can think of starting from the financial industry, through to governmental programs, on to education and the medical sphere, and all the way to ecological projects. It seems that everyone's keen to get on the blockchain wagon, and for good reason. Blockchain has proved to be an effective tool in organizing processes, making information regarding transactions more transparent and accessible, and of course, blockchain provides an alternative to the heavily centralized systems of decision making that have dominated in the past.

But nothing moves technology forward like interest towards it from the defense sector since huge amounts of money are usually at its disposal, they can freely research, develop and improve technologies for there own use, which in the end moves the whole field forward.

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