New Top-100 Token – Why Etheera Breaks Records
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Nov. 13, 2018

Etheera Token (ETA) has soared in price by 82.960% over the past two weeks and hit the top 100 cryptocurrencies by capitalization. At the same time, the token got on the CoinMarketCap list only in October of this year.

ETA is based on the ethereum network that was launched in the first quarter of 2018. Based on the project page on Bitcointalk, the ETA token was added to the decentralized exchanges BarterDEX and HyperDEX. In addition, the token has been listed on several other exchanges, including Bitker, Coinical, and Ethershift. These are all small or decentralized exchanges, which means that ETA is unlikely to increase trading volume.

New Top-100 Token – Why Etheera Breaks Records

Etheera is a global real estate platform. The project is being developed by a Swiss company IZ Immobilien Kriens GmbH. The company claims to have created the first decentralized global real estate platform with the goal of becoming a decentralized hub for direct real estate transactions between the buyer and the seller. According to the documentation, private individuals, large agencies, and brokers will be able to participate.

Representatives of the project claim that thanks to the Etheera platform, each user will be able to find housing he needs anywhere in the world. Realtors or any kind of intermediaries can use Etheera as an assistant in their business. The creators also say that without leaving the Etheera platform users can make a deal and draw up a contract for rental or sale of real estate.

But it is worth noting that the project’s ICO could not reach the soft cap at 6,000 ETH and was further removed from the hard cap at 105,000 ETH.

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By the way, several new altcoins also hit the list of the top 100 cryptocurrencies in the recent weeks. These include Eternal Token (XET), with an increase of 3.19%, and Ravencoin (RVN), with a 386% increase. The crypto community is still quite wary of XET, since there is practically no information on the network of the project that appeared in mid-August 2018. According to the project’s website, users of the XET token can convert it to another token, XEC. This is a centralized digital currency, which is controlled by the Japanese company Atom Solutions, but official documents do not contain exactly the exchange rate of these cryptocurrencies.

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And Ravencoin is a regular fork of open source bitcoin, which has a shortened block formation time. The goal of the project is to combat external control and to increase the parameters of privacy and transparency of actions within the network. In October, the token was added by Binance exchange, since then the daily trading volume of altcoin has increased 33 times.

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