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Today let’s talk about Worldopo, a crypto economic strategy game based on a blockchain, augmented reality and geo-positioning.

What is it?

Worldopo is a mobile game that combines augmented reality, AI technology, blockchain and your local city hall. Additional reality brings players a sense of the real world, blockchain provides security, and geolocation brings cities worldwide on a mobile device.

Here are the main three differences when comparing it to other mobile games according to the whitepaper:

  • AI allows you to see your own gameplay. Worldopo uses a dedicated AI to help find all automatic programming;
  • real time mode. Working with Google maps an etc. users can play not only in real time but in the real world;
  • gameplay is built on blockchain technology.

How to play?

Worldopo users are divided into two categories: cryptolords and makers. The main resource of cryptolords is hexagons. Cryptolord buys hexagons with WPT tokens. Then they continue to develop hexagons or possibly transfer it to makers. Thus, cryptolords create powerful infrastructure (farms) that makes profit. Makers find cryptolords and rent a hexagon from them, on which they can begin to raise structures. After setting their real estate, makers will be able to produce and collect the necessary resources for further infrastructure development. All resources can be collected using the AR-engine, as well as using unmanned drones inside the game.

Every cryptolord that owns a farm receives income in the form of a WPT tokens.

All tokens can be mined from a universal pool of 30 million tokens.

At the moment, the game is available in Play Store (Android and IOS devices) and has a community of more than 40,000 people worldwide.

Despite that, having studied the whitepaper it remains unclear what is unique in this game? The idea of mining in-game currency and trading, has already been implemented, for example, by Spells of Genesis or Bitquest. Adding AI is a hype theme for demanding gaming community but it can’t be called innovative.

Token Features and Society

Worldopo token (WPT) is the in game currency. All transactions with WPT will be executed through the blockchain. The developers team works with two platforms: Ethereum and ByteBall. Tokens issued on one platform can be exchanged for tokens on another one in a 1: 1 ratio.

The team chose the atypical path for a crowdfunding campaign - the Continuous Coins Offering (CCO). This model allows to constantly develop the game and show investors progress and results in real time.

Six rounds of CCO are planned, consisting of 12 promotional ‘sprints’ following a special bonus auction rounds which takes place following every third round. Each ‘sprint’ lasts 10 days and includes product development and an appropriate marketing campaign that supports it.

During each round, the number of tokens that will be issued will be the equivalent amount to the finances required by the team to develop and promote the ‘sprint’. A total amount of issued tokens is 105,000,000 WPT.

Thus, the project will gradually create a product based on feedback from the Worldopo community and a steady flow of funding.

As for the project's activity in social media and social networks, it’s not clear how the game has 40 thousand players (according to official website) and only a handful of followers at 10 thousand people. What is even more surprising, is that in one of the most important instant messengers for the gaming community - Discord - has only 715 participants! Well, this is definitely not a World of Warcraft community! So good luck to the project and don’t let yourself get confused between what’s real and what’s not!

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