Altcoins You Failed to Profit From - Week XI
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Nov. 9, 2018

It's Friday again, which means that we are not only looking ahead in anticipation of a fun weekend but also looking back. We are focusing on the altcoins that showed excellent results last week and have significantly increased in price, although very few crypto enthusiasts expected this from them. And now our new crypto trinity, which brought some lucky ones (or maybe it was you?) a good profit.

Eternal Token

Let's start with the most mysterious digital currency that was the leader this week. This is an Eternal Token (XET) asset. It had somehow attracted the attention of the crypto community when it soared in price by more than 1,000% in just two weeks. Now the cost of altcoin is $1.27, and the capitalization is $76,499,098.

Altcoins You Failed to Profit From - Week XI

The altcoin was launched in mid-August, while it quickly broke into the top-100 major cryptocurrencies. Eternal Coin is a virtual currency created in Japan and used to safely and instantly transfer value anywhere in the world. But at the same time, there is almost no information about this project in the network, so crypto enthusiasts should be careful with this altcoin. Eternal Token (XET) is a proxy token for the purchase of another coin - Eternal Coin (XEC). XET token users can convert it to XEC. This is a centralized digital currency, which is controlled by the Japanese company Atom Solutions, but official documents do not contain the exact information about the exchange rate of these cryptocurrencies.

Altcoins You Failed to Profit From - Week X


The next leader in our selection is MaidSafeCoin (MAID). The token is part of the MaidSafe platform. For several years, MaidSafeCoin has grown from a few cents to $ 0.24 (at the current exchange rate). The peak of the MAID value was fixed at the beginning of January 2018 and was $ 1.11. Of course, this altcoin does not show a rapid growth, but there is still a positive dynamic.

Altcoins You Failed to Profit From - Week XI

The MaidSafe platform consists of a SAFE network and client applications developed by everyone using the SAFE API provided by the platform creators. MaidSafe’s mission is to provide security and privacy to everyone who needs it with an improved Internet platform. Cryptocurrency stimulates network members. The token functions on the basis of the bitcoin blockchain.

3 Altcoins of the Week You Failed to Profit From


Nexo (NEXO) closes the top three. This is a digital token of the credit platform of the same name. At the moment, the cost of altcoin is $ 0.13, and the cryptocurrency capitalization is at $77,930,618.

Altcoins You Failed to Profit From - Week XI

With the help of NEXO, each member of the platform can get a loan at a minimum interest. The peculiarity of the project is that cryptocurrency owners can receive fiat money in exchange for the cryptocurrency provided by the NEXO platform. This way they get an additional opportunity to use the money that they sent to buy digital assets. Users who need a loan block their cryptocurrency and immediately receive money on their Nexo credit card or bank accounts.

Three Altcoins of the Week You Missed Out On

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