MetaMask Enhances Protection – ‘Privacy Mode’ Announced
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The developers of MetaMask wallet for storing and transferring tokens on the ethereum blockchain announced the launch of a ‘Privacy Mode’ to protect user data.

“Over the past couple of months, MetaMask has led an effort to improve this privacy flaw across the entire Ethereum ecosystem (documented in EIP 1102). We’re excited to introduce “Privacy Mode” as the user-facing piece of this new privacy layer,” the project team reports.

MetaMask is a decentralized application (dApp) that acts as a web wallet for ethereum (ETH) and ERC-20 standard tokens. It is embedded in the browser and used to simplify transferring ethereum or ERC-20 tokens. MetaMask can be used as an intermediate wallet. The plugin serves as a link between the user's main wallet and other websites.

Customers transfer there the tokens that they want to actively use. The remaining assets are stored in the base wallet. Thus, user data is protected, and working with cryptocurrencies becomes convenient and fast. The program allows any user to manage identification. When the dApp is about to conduct a transaction, the client enters a special secure interface where he can view this transaction to decide whether to approve it or not.

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However, when visiting the sites within the ethereum ecosystem, MetaMask adds a JavaScript object. Its resources are needed to offer the user to send a transaction or request a signature. This feature gives sites access to ethereum address data, which reduces user privacy and makes them vulnerable to malicious services.

In this regard, starting from version 4.18, a new parameter ‘Privacy Mode’ will appear in MetaMask. It allows you to control which resources will be able to access account data. MetaMask developers have noted that private mode will not be installed by default first. If dApps do not activate the proposal for improving ethereum EIP-1102, then the site may fail.

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A few days ago, MetaMask switched to a new postMessage API. In particular, dApps will no longer support the automatic implementation of the ethereum web interface when the page loads. Instead, the application will send a request to the web3 provider, which in turn will require confirmation from the user to establish a connection. Access to the blockchain will be obtained only if the system receives a positive response.

In the application interface, more requests for authorization have appeared, one of which will cause a pop-up window asking for the site to access the account information of the user. Sites which the user approves to have access will be cached.

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It should be noted that MetaMask is actively working on various new directions. Next year, the developers will present the beta version of the wallet as a mobile application. It will support the ethereum Name Service domain name system, which makes it possible to replace long addresses with more easily perceived names bound to the .eth domain. Also, the application will support peer-to-peer communication protocol IPFS.

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