ZCash Prepares for Hard Fork
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On October 29, the Sapling update will be activated in the main network of cryptocurrency ZCash.

"The Sapling protocol will allow shielded transfers to be completed with about 100 times less memory and probably six or more times faster," said CTO of the Zcash Company Nathan Wilcox.

Previously, shielded transactions are only possible for users running a full node. The ultimate goal of innovation is removing transparent transactions that can be damaging to zcash anonymity when used together with shielded transactions. The company emphasizes that users will be able to selectively reveal their transactions in public using a special key for viewing.

In June, the Zcash team has already successfully conducted a hard fork Overwinter. Actually, it was the first step toward new hard fork. The Overwinter update was necessary for the Sapling upgrade.

Overwinter included version control, transaction replay protection for future upgrades, a general improvement in the performance of transparent transactions, and other new features. Upgrade Overwinter was activated on June 26. And now, after four months, the company is ready to hold the main hard fork, to which it has been going all this time.

The ZCash team focuses on enhancing anonymity and security as part of the upgrade, as well as on increasing transaction speed. The project hopes that hardfork will allow this cryptocurrency to become more massive and mobile. Investors also pin their hopes on Sapling. Of course, they assume that ZEC has a chance to restore its former positions and return to peak value.

Monero Hard Fork Bears Fruit: Fees Reduced by 90%

Recall that earlier another anonymous cryptocurrency conducted a large-scale upgrade. The Monero network hosted a hard fork with the activation of the Bulletproofs protocol, which made it possible to reduce transaction fees by more than 90%. And the results of the update in the end even exceeded the initial developers’ expectations.

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