3 Altcoins of the Week You Failed to Profit From
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Well, congratulations to all with the end of the working week, and especially to those who have invested in these three altcoins. They showed impressive results and allowed someone to skim the cream. Let's take a quick look at our new leaders.


Impressive results this week showed the Decred Token (DCR). And this is not surprising. Decred started to rise sharply after the largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced the addition of support for the token.

Following the start of cryptocurrency trading in pairs with Bitcoin and Binance Coin on October 24, the volume of trade in altсoin increased by 21 times. It is worth noting that according to statistics, the highest volumes of operations with DCR are recorded in the Asian market. More than 30% of all transactions with Decred are made in the South Korean Upbit exchange.

Decred cryptocurrency is also very popular among miners. In late September, Bitmain introduced the Antminer DR3 for mining Decred, as the most promising digital currency.


Ravencoin stole the show this week. Binanace probably contributed to this; again. “Listing on the Binance” is often perceived as an omen of a pump. And it worked in this case. The cost of altcoin began to grow rapidly after the stock exchange announced the listing of an asset.

Also, representatives of Ravencoin announced the launch date of the project’s main network. It will take place on October 31, which happens to be the startup’s anniversary and the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin.

The Ravencoin project is based on the original Bitcoin code. The main goal of developers is a revolution in the transfer of financial assets. According to the company, Ravencoin is a decentralized platform, resistant to ASIC mining. The platform will allow each user to issue financial assets the same way as ERC-20 tokens based on Ethereum blockchain are issued.


And by the end of the week, we’ve got another champion. Although, everything is not so obvious. A few days ago, the Electroneum startup team decided to introduce a KYC system. Users must pass verification before November 12.

The altcoin community reacted negatively to this event, and the cost of the token has decreased. Parts of the community did not like the idea of ​​introducing verification since it negatively affects the anonymity and decentralization of the startup. Nevertheless, today Altcoin won back its positions and showed at some point the best growth among the top 100 cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Electroneum appeared as a result of the hard forks of the Monero network. An interesting feature of the project is mobile mining. The application uses a smartphone processor for mining cryptocurrencies, while the device itself does not overheat and weakly discharges the battery. Users are rewarded for verifying and adding blocks to the blockchain.

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Three Altcoins of the Week We All Missed Out On
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