Alibaba Scores Double Win – Spreads Blockchain & Sues Namesake
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This week can be considered pretty successful for Alibaba group, the leading e-commerce giant. Adding to the list of company achievements: its Cloud computing department has spread to major global markets, including South East Asia, the U.S, and Europe. At the same time, the parent company’s lawsuit against Alibabacoin Foundation (ongoing since April this year) has finally moved to a stage where the court in a preliminary injunction has banned the namesake crypto selling or advertising within the U.S. territory.

Alibaba Cloud Widens Geography

Alibaba’s Cloud solution that was established in 2009 and is currently one of the top-3 providers for businesses around the world has announced the expansion of its Cloud Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) to the major global markets. The solution that is only one year old supports dual-platform implementation and provides greater security. It will now be available for enterprises in South East Asia, the U.S., and Europe.

The clients of Alibaba’s Cloud BaaS can benefit from two platforms: Hyperledger Fabric and Ant Blockchain.

Hyperledger is a project involving the cooperation of multiple blockchain companies. Hyperledger Fabric is a blockchain structure operation.

Ant Blockchain platform is the product of Alibaba’s financial prodigy company, Ant Financial Services Group.

BaaS will allow users to build their own applications under the supervision of Alibaba Cloud. It was already available in China and now the reach is expanding. The Company underlines that 2018 is a remarkable year for attracting large quantities of investment into the sector.

BaaS supports a variety of applications like smart contracts, certificates, and consortium blockchain management.

Alibaba Cloud is designed for large enterprises therefore security and adaptability is also quite high. It is available in 19 locations around the world.

The First Win in the Court Against Alibabacoin

Alibaba Group and the Alibabacoin Foundation continue to dispute the right to use a well-known product brand in the United States Manhattan Court. In April the Chinese giant took legal action against the namesake crypto. The company was trying to prove that the existence of the crypto unrelated to Alibaba Group was confusing the market and the coin creators had no right to take the name of the well-known company for their cryptocurrency. Back then the Dubai-based cryptocurrency start-up has filed to dismiss the lawsuit stating that the name of Alibaba cannot be monopolized due to its connection with the legend, and is actually more suited for a crypto company.

“The legend of Alibaba conjures up thoughts of magic, gold coins, and ‘Open Sesame”, Alibabacoin said back then.

In May Judge Paul Oetken of the Southern District of New York (Manhattan) has ruled that Alibabacoin – a Dubai-based cryptocurrency firm – wouldn't hurt Alibaba Group's business in New York or its trademarks.

Chinese e-commerce giant decided to try one more time and it looks like now Femida is on their side.

The trademark infringement case hearing that was held on Monday in the same court and with the same judge – James Paul Oetken, has agreed in the preliminary injunction that consumer confusion could actually occur due to the similarity of trademarks.

That’s why the court “enjoins defendants from using the ALIBABA Marks, as Alibaba has defined that term in its application for a preliminary injunction, alone or in combination with any words, terms, designations, marks, or designs — as well as any mark, image, or depiction that is confusingly similar to or likely to impair the distinctiveness of the ALIBABA Marks — anywhere in the United States”.

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