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It’s been 17 hours since the Monero Protocol Update was launched (October 18), and so far everything looks as good as it can be expected from such a huge update.

Monero Loaded With Beryllium Bullet Protocol Update aka Hard Fork

iHodl is following up with the gigantic update and checking the community feedback on that matter.

On Reddit and Twitter, there are some complaints about the hash rate, transactions, etc…

Some Redditors reported a problem with XMR withdrawals on Binance exchange. Another user added a comment on this thread mentioning that Binance is applying the upgrade to XMR wallets.

Similarly, there are few users who didn’t update their system to v0.13.0.3 and had problems after the protocol update, which happened at the block 1685555.

Also, MyMoneroApp users are required to upgrade to iOS 1.1.1 if they want to stay compatible with Monero hard fork. Mobile App was under the review of the App Store during the writing of this article.

The community mostly gave positive remarks on the update. One thing to keep in mind is that this update brought a huge amount of changes, bug fixes, and new features. Just after the release hiccups and problems can be encountered, this can be viewed as a grace period.

It is just too soon to give a verdict about the Monero protocol update.

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