Cardano Reinvents Roadmaps
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Cardano mainnet is up almost for a year and its team is putting a substantial effort to develop it further.

When you look at the recently updated Cardano roadmap, you will see that they are not thinking linearly. Roadmap resembles a professional project management chart with different people working on various projects and all having their own progress.

The roadmap has five distinct phases named after famous artists:

Byron - Bootstrap era

Shelley - Decentralization

Goguen - Smart Contracts

Basho - Performance Improvements

Voltaire - Governance

At the moment the main focus is on the Shelley phase. It is expected to be active in Q3 of 2019.

It is a big undertaking with serious project milestones. Shelly will see the Cardano Debit Card, as well as the fruits of the partnership with Z/Yen Group, a respected City of London, think tank, to research blockchain applications.

The Reddit user Stocksprite says:

"The hard deadlines pushed by other coins that promise and ‘deliver’ milestones are [merely] creating the illusion of progress on an unused [network]. Remember that falling apart at high speed will cost more to repair than its worth.”

Cardano team is and will be very busy.

Only last month the Yoroi Light Wallet for Cardano was launched for ADA storing. Two weeks ago developer company of Cardano, IOHK, introduced Rust project, a new programming language which will include zero-cost abstractions, move semantics, and guaranteed memory safety.

Again, last month, Florian Bohnert joined the team as Chief Market Officer, CEO Charles Hoskinson went to Mongolia to meet with government authorities.

Roadmap phases will take time to be completed, however, there will be new activities on the Cardano side soon; v1.3.1 will be released, testnet IELE will be introduced to make developers’ lives easier and give them the ability to test smart contracts before implementing them on the mainnet. Also, Cardano’s proof-of-stake algorithm Ouroboros, which allows companies to create their own side chains, will be explained soon.

It is ironic that just a couple of days ago IOHK and Emurgo CEOs required the resignation of the Cardano Foundation, Michael Parsons for a lot of dissatisfactions.

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