McAfee Starts Fighting Crypto Corruption
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Oct. 3, 2018

John McAfee announced the creation of an alliance to fight corruption in the crypto community and calls for the support of coins that have decided to be delisted from corrupt centralized exchanges.

A crypto enthusiast and one of the world's leading experts in computer security, guarantees listing on CoinBene and other exchanges, whose names will soon be homogeneous, for anyone who feels that they are placed on corrupt crypto exchanges. The pioneer will be the Apollo project. The cryptocurrency refused to be listed on exchanges that it considered corrupt. Next, McAfee promises to cover daily projects that have chosen to move to the CoinBene and other crypto exchanges.

Crypto exchange CoinBene competes with the largest platforms, after the merger of the group of the largest financial organizations belonging to the Elite corporation, last year in Singapore. In June, crypto exchange ranked first in terms of trading volume several times, according to Coinmarketcap, thanks to an innovative business model that was first used on the FCoin exchange.

Participants of the crypto community repeatedly expressed their concerns about possible corruption of centralized crypto exchanges, voicing the opinion that only decentralized crypto platforms can drastically change the situation. But at the same time, the odious personality of McAfee also causes a lot of controversies. On the Internet, there are already statements that the Alliance McAfee is another advertising move.

John McAfee: Crazy Millionaire and Crypto enthusiast

In April of this year, it became known that for one tweet about cryptocurrency, John McAfee takes $105,000. The creator of the antivirus McAfee admitted that the promotion of ICO is a separate business for him. At the same time, McAfee said that he personally approves projects that he is ready to advertise.McAfee later said that SEC demanded that he stops all activities related to the primary placement of coins and no longer advertises ICO projects on Twitter. The crypto enthusiast said that because of the threats of the regulator he no longer works with the ICO.

McAfee also spoke about the upcoming legal complaint on the Bitcoin exchange HitBTC. Back in June, he launched a campaign against HitBTC, accusing the exchange of overpriced commissions on the withdrawal of Docademic (MTC) cryptocurrency. This project offers users free medical care. McAfee, however, blames the exchange for not doing anything to allow users access to the only free medical care in the world.

McAfee is generally known for his loud statements. For example, he previously stated that he would be running for the presidency of the United States in 2020 in the interests of the crypto community. Earlier, he promised to eat his manhood if the price of Bitcoin did not reach $500,000 by the end of 2020.

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