Ethereum to See 726% Growth & Predictions of the Week
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Sept. 28, 2018

Tom Lee, an analyst from the Wall Street, believes that ethereum is already ready for a new rally, and by the end of 2018, its rate could increase to $1,900. The expert also named the reasons why the cost of altcoin will start to grow dramatically in the near future. "We believe Ethereum is about to stage a trend reversal and rally strongly," Lee said.

Chief analyst of Fundstrat noted that the ethereum market is now in an extremely negative mood, but this is what can positively affect the further growth of the price of the cryptocurrency. Lee refers to historical data, according to which ethereum demonstrated explosive growth, after it lagged behind the rest of the assets for a certain period of time. According to the analyst of Fundstrat, in the next few months the price of altcoin may increase by 726%.

This is not the only crypto prediction that experts have made in the last few weeks. We decided to see who and what was recently talking about digital assets:

Technical analyst of the Polish forex platform Aforti Exchange, Marek Paciorkowski, suggested that if the downward trend continues, the price of bitcoin may be at around $100. According to the expert, the graph illustrating the evolution of the bitcoin market looks like a classic speculative bubble. So, in December of last year, there was an explosion of the bubble, which lasted until February 2018. According to him, if all attempts by bulls to change the situation turn out to be futile and the bitcoin price is below $5,500 then the downward trend will continue and as a result, the first cryptocurrency may drop to $100.

Novogratz: Crypto Market Hit the Bottom

The founder of the Galaxy Digital bank Mike Novogratz does not agree with him. He is confident that the crypto market is ready for a significant growth. The expert noted that exchanges and large companies, including Starbucks and Microsoft, are beginning to take a more serious attitude to cryptocurrencies. In his view, the activity of institutional investors is due to their fear of missing opportunities associated with the inevitable growth of the cryptocurrency market. Also, Novogratz noted that soon bitcoin will become part of the financial portfolios of many people. Earlier, he also predicted a 30% increase in bitcoin prices by the end of the year, arguing that in the first quarter of 2019 the bullish movement will continue.

5 Most Optimistic Forecasts for Bitcoin Price

A well-known trader in the crypto community and analyst Tone Vays predicted the disappearance of the most popular stablecoin, Tether USD. He noted that he does not understand the popularity of stablecoins, because this is the same dollar that can be sent using a technologically unstable centralized database. He added that Tether is a very acute problem for the cryptocurrency community, but few want to openly discuss it. For example, if stablecoin is really fully provided with dollars, then the U.S. government can at any time confiscate them under the pretext of illegal financial activities.

Tim Draper: Bitcoin Could be Bigger Than the Internet

Venture investor Tim Draper confirmed his forecast, according to which bitcoin will reach $250 thousand dollars by 2022. He said that after stealing funds from Mt. Gox was confident that digital money would not survive. However, that day the price of bitcoin sank only by 10-15%, and the investor realized that he really needed people. On assurances of the expert, from this moment he began to actively invest in the cryptocurrencies.

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