Blockchain Spreads to Aviation Industry: Air France-KLM is Next
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New technological solutions developed in the past years are making aviation to take the new heights. Recently, we’ve presented you the list of the airlines that are currently accepting Bitcoin as a payment for their flight tickets. Spoiler: you can even rent your own private plane! Lufthansa is challenging the community for creating more use cases for blockchain implementation. Last year German company has already partnered with blockchain platform to cut costs for flyers and increase profits for providers. Following Lufthansa’s example, Air New Zealand has also chosen the Swiss Blockchain platform Winding Tree to include blockchain into work of their services.

According to the Accenture Aerospace & Defense study at least 86% of Aerospace and Defence companies will implement blockchain into their systems by 2021

It is very likely that Accenture’s forecast didn’t come out of thin air.

In the recent interview with Eyefortravel Iris Taguet, Head of Blockchain Program at AirFrance-KLM said that the airline is studying the possibilities of blockchain implementation in the air transportation industry.

According to Iris Taguet, the first experiments were already held in late 2017. Prior to the official launch of the program, that will be soon presented during the conference in Amsterdam, Air France-KLM worked with the Boston Consulting Group to explore the potential of developing the technology.

In May, the AFKL Blockchain program received a green light, and now a team of ten people is working on the project.

According to Taguet, in the aviation industry, there are several options for blockchain utilization. Airlines do not work in isolation, they cooperate with a lot of organizations - from international transport companies to tour operators, airports, governments and many others.

"In such an ecosystem the potential for blockchain is huge, and we are just at the very early stage of identifying some of them,” she says.

Air France-KLM mayor divisions passenger, cargo and engineering have already found out the numerous use cases for blockchain to be applied.

By communicating in various forums and through negotiations with SkyTeam Alliance, with industry organizations such as IATA, and other airlines, Air France-KLM is actively considering the use of a distributed ledger.

However, as Taguet aptly points out:

“use cases have to be driven by business needs, and not by the technology.”

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