Baidu Unleashes XuperChain Whitepaper
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Baidu’s “XuperChain” will help to certify digital rights, settlements, debts, supply chains, digital assets, and games.

The team of the Chinese search giant Baidu published a whitepaper v1.0. on an independent network system "XuperChain", where the commercialization of the Baidu’s blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) cloud blockchain platform is presented. In addition, the “Chinese Google” is planning to commercialize six XuperChain’s built-in applications: Totem, Degree Universe, Baidu Association, Treasure Chest, Encyclopedia Online, and Hubert.

A visible advantage of the XuperChain, according to Baidu, is that the network’s operating system doesn’t need powerful hardware, as its nodes use multi-core parallel calculations, maximizing the work of processors and thereby increasing network bandwidth.

The stereo network of the XuperChain is backed by parallel sidechains. The root chain manages parallel chains and operating guidelines of the entire network.

In the core of the XuperChain there is a “pluggable consensus mechanism” that allows different parallel chains to choose their own consensus mechanisms. Baidu’s blockchain also provides an opportunity to receive consensus escalation through voting.

Speaking about the areas that will be interested in implementing Baidu’s product, the white paper names product quality control, retail issues control, production, supply chain financing, intellectual property, tourism, social networks, and food safety insurance.

Baidu also plans to certify digital rights, settlements, debts, supply chains, digital assets, and games.

Baidu’s Blockchain from Outer Space

Games continue to be an area of focus. Earlier in the beginning of this summer, the Chinese giant presented Du Yuzhou — its own blockchain integrated game. “The Universe”, as it's translated in English, will let players explore space and build their own planet using “elements”, a substance similar to crypto tokens.

Earlier in June Xiao Wei, Baidu’s chief blockchain researcher, revealed X-Chain, a protocol aimed at reducing mining energy consumption. X-Chain’s throughput is 100,000 transactions per second (TPS).

Dubbed “XuperChain”, it can “insert and remove consensus mechanisms to solve the current energy consumption problem,” Wei explained, and is also “compatible with the development system of Bitcoin and Ethereum”.

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