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Everyone at least once heard about artificial intelligence and its application in various fields. This time we will take a close look at Ubex - a project that wants to create a symbiosis of artificial intelligence and advertising for quick and inexpensive interaction between advertisers and publishers. Let’s find out what are the most attractive aspects of Ubex.

About the Project

As it was already mentioned above Ubex whitepaper claims the platform is a global decentralized exchange of programmable advertising based on a neural networks and smart contracts. BY using the Ubex system, advertisers can automate the acquisition of ads units.

The team made a clear video to outline the idea.

The team claims that Ubex will greatly simplify the process of buying digital advertising through the Ubex exchange, where advertisers won’t use services of expensive agencies and other intermediaries. Thus, Ubex will combine the functionality of an advertising exchange and the monitoring service of all indicators of each publisher's ads by eliminating the need for appropriate external tools.

Ubex team has conducted market research and clearly demonstrates the advantages of its platform over their rivals:

The project is different due to the self-learning neural networks, which will lead to a significant improvement of targeting and eliminate the need for ads testing. Risks for platform users will be reduced through the use of smart contracts based on blockchain technology that will track each targeted action and record their results in a transparent database for all users to see. It will also create a mechanism that ensures mutual payments between users and, of course, tokenize advertising for publishers.

The project started its way back in 2016 but currently has launched only the prototype of app for Advertisers (desktop and mobile versions). According to the roadmap, on August, 2018 an app for publishers was supposed to have been developed, but has not arrived yet.

Ubex has worked extensively on the legal base of the project and its ICO. Ubex AI AG company is registered in Switzerland and fully complies with the requirements of U.S. SEC and Swiss FINMA. The central office of the company is located in the territory of Crypto Valley Labs in Zug. To participate in ICO each user should pass KYC and AML procedures.

Overall score: Great at a first glance


The team bindingly explored all the issues of tokens. Users can view this document containing full information on tokenomics. The UBEX token is a utility-token based on the ethereum platform, which will be used as the payroll unit between advertisers and publishers to pay for advertising services in Ubex app.

The number of tokens is capped at 4 billion. There will be no additional issue, all unsold tokens will be burned. Tokens will be distributed as follows: 72% of tokens sold distributed to the community, 15% will be allocated to the team and advisors with a 12-month freeze period, 10% will be allocated towards the reserve fund and will be gradually used for development, 3% will be allocated to the bounty campaign as well as for marketing and other expenses.

During ICO the team is not conducting a presale and private sale to offer the equal conditions to all participants of token sale, which will lead to a more stable rate of the tokens in the crypto exchanges. Following the token sale and distribution, the team plans to list its tokens on several major exchanges. The team has preliminary agreements with representatives of these exchanges (not specified).

Overall score: Good

Team and Community

The team looks weighed and professional with a fairly good background, where everyone has a specific role from the CEO to CTO. As the project plans to expand internationally, the team also includes market experts and advisors from all around the world, whether it’s Africa, China, Korea or Israel.

From the marketing side the project can outshine any competitor. The team spares no effort and money to promote the project. The official website is presented in 11 languages. The accounts of the project in various networks have many followers: Twitter has 57,000, and Facebook with 63,000. The project conducts active correspondence with its users in Bitcointalk (82 pages), maintains a blog on Medium, uploads videos to Youtube and even uploads its solution in Github.

Team members also participate in international forums and events devoted to blockchain, publish articles in press and participate in various ratings.

Such activity is even a little scary and may suggest that the project spends too much money on trying to get hyped up and not enough on development. In any case, this is 5 points of 5.

Overall score: Excellent

ICO Details

Total Supply 4,000,000,000 UBEX

For Sale 2,880,000,000 UBEX (72%)

Soft Cap 4,000 ETH

Hard Cap 28,800 ETH

Additional Emission No

Accepted Currencies BTC, ETH, LTC

Token Type ERC-20

UBEX Price 0,00001 ETH

Sale Starts May 21, 2018

Sale Ends September 30, 2018

Bonuses Yes

Bounty Yes


At a first glance the Ubex project offers a solution to many problems of traditional advertising services. The team has thought through almost all aspects, from technical to legal. At the same time the whitepaper indicates a high level of competition with existing advertising services, as well as other decentralized exchanges (for example, AdEx and Basic Attention Token). But the project doesn’t tell how its economic model can stimulate people to use the platform. In a few words, the idea is not new.

Additionally, poor development of the project is an issue, because the platform is far from what the official version is supposed to be at this stage (only a mobile application for advertiser is available). As the part of the planned listing in crypto exchanges, there are concern about fluctuations of tokens price, the risk of which is very high. And the team fails to explain or perhaps doesn’t know how to deal with that.

A separate question which is worths paying attention to, is the level of hype and funds that are being spent on marketing, which is doing the job. At the time of writing this review, according to the official Ubex website, the platform raised 27,910 ETH or 96% of the required amount. And that is 2 weeks before the end of the ICO stage.

But an almost fully collected sum isn’t a cause for joy, but only for concern, because this is a project that doesn’t have an innovative idea, or MVP, but has a large amount of collected money, which is estimated at millions of dollars. Investors should think about it. Where would you spend all this money on?

We wish Ubex to spend all the collected money on the project’s development and focus on entering a highly competitive market, otherwise all will be wasted.

Click here to visit Ubex page in the list of ongoing ICOs.

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